Ruby Kraut

Pretty Jewel-toned Sauerkraut

First off, my sincere apologies to any email subscribers who were spammed when I merged my old blog with my new one – I had no idea it would send out an email for every. single. post. You might also have noticed that a lot of the posts have duplicates (another glitch from the merge)Read more

Spilling the Beans

Sorry, this isn’t the confessional post that that title would suggest. Having been vegetarians for so long, our family has always eaten a lot of beans. We do eat meat these days, but beans are still a delicious, protein packed staple in our house. While canned beans are a quick and easy way to incorporateRead more

Making Yogurt

Well, here it is: the long overdue yogurt post. I’ve been meaning to write about making yogurt for at least three years now, and you can see from the abundance of photos that I’ve been preparing for it for a long time. As I mentioned in my post about making butter, organic dairy products canRead more

Chocolate Fix

I posted this recipe on my homelearning blog almost three years ago, but it’s still such a favorite of ours that I thought I would post it over here as well, especially as I’ve been intending to share low cost recipes. When trying to lower one’s food bill it’s critical to cut out non-essentials, butRead more

What A Sap

One of the first (and most drastic) food related price increases that I noticed over the past year or so was the cost of maple syrup. I found it hard to justify the high price of the real thing at the best of times, but when the price almost doubled last spring, there was noRead more

Organics, etc.

I’ve been feeling like I should clarify what I was trying to say in my previous post, which actually started out as a much longer, more involved post that I never seemed able to finish because it had become too large and unwieldy. Since I tend to suffer from mental paralysis whenever I feel overwhelmedRead more

Rising Food Costs and Shrinking Budgets

Hello out there! Obviously I haven’t quite gotten a handle on my recent bout of blogging laziness, but I’ve been feeling a little more inspired lately and am hoping to stage a comeback. I may do occasional updates on the house, but for now, I would like to turn my focus back toward my twoRead more