Chocolate Fix

I posted this recipe on my homelearning blog almost three years ago, but it’s still such a favorite of ours that I thought I would post it over here as well, especially as I’ve been intending to share low cost recipes. When trying to lower one’s food bill it’s critical to cut out non-essentials, but thankfully chocolate cake doesn’t fall into that category.

This recipe makes fantastic cupcakes as well.
There are many versions of this cake out there (Made-In-the-Pan Chocolate Cake, Vinegar Cake), and it’s as easy as any store bought cake mix. What makes it penny wise is the fact that it requires no eggs or milk – it’s basically flour, sugar, cocoa, and water. Don’t let the simplicity of the recipe turn you off – it’s unbelievably rich and moist and only improves with age (I actually prefer it the next day).

My daughter decided to bake one up the other day as it was raining outside (hallelujah!) and we were all lazing about enjoying the cooler temperatures. She doubled the recipe to fill a 9×13 pan, but accidentally put in waaay to much cocoa powder. Never one to throw away perfectly good ingredients, we tripled the batch (6 times the original recipe!) and ended up with three 9×13 cakes. I generally have no problem finding a way to dispose of chocolate cake, but this was a little much even for me, so we sent one off to live with my mom and chocolate-loving step dad, and divided the second one between our two closest neighbors. We’ve almost polished off the third one, and it’s still scrumptious almost 4 days later. 

You can find the recipes for the cake and frosting here (we baked our doubled batch for about 45 minutes). The frosting recipe will give you more than enough for a single cake or batch of cupcakes, but we doubled it to cover all three of our large cakes.


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Fix”

  • Yum! Depression Cake or sometimes called Wacky Cake. We make this a lot because my parents are vegan and we don't eat a lot of eggs or dairy either.

  • Well, unfortunately the one that came to live with mom and step dad didn't survive very long so we were forced to look up the recipe and replace it with one for our friends. One of the best chocolate cake recipes I've ever found! Absolutely delicious and very moist – made even better by the special ingredient (love) put in by our daughter and grand daughter!

  • Makes me laugh that you ended up with so many cakes. I think I might have done something similar myself at one time. Sounds delicious. I'll have to give this recipe a try.

  • You're absolutely right about this being a fabulous cake. It's one of the first ones I taught my daughter to make. We love it with peanut butter frosting.

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