A Day in the Life

I’ve seen several people taking part in a fun blog project (started over at Owlhaven, I believe), posting photos of the various things that occur over the course of one day in their life. Here’s my day as it happened on Wednesday, February 28th. The first thing I saw when I woke up was aRead more

Which Super Villain Are You?

I got this funny quiz off Carla’s blog. It’s surprisingly accurate – I especially like the suggestion that I resemble Uma Thurman (tall, leggy and blonde). Carla, stop laughing! Your results:You are Poison Ivy You would go to almost any length for the protection of the environment including manipulation and elimination.Click here to take theRead more

Knitting aspirations.

Monica asked yesterday if I could post a photo of the slippers from Knit 2 Together, a great new(ish) knitting book by comedian Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark. I thought I’d post a few of my other favorite projects at the same time.These are the slippers. They are just too cute for words! I loveRead more

What’s in yer fridge? (and s’mores)

Quinn (aka Burdockboy) suggested in a comment on the previous post about our new fridge that someone should start “refrigerator tag”, where people post a photo of the inside of their fridge for all the world to see. Since I’d also been thinking that something like that would be fun, I guess I’ll be theRead more

Little Mosque on the Prairie

I’m really excited about a new show that’s premiering on CBC tonight called Little Mosque on the Prairie. It’s written by Zarqa Nawaz, a Muslim woman who was raised in Toronto and moved to Saskatchewan (one of Canada’s three prairie provinces) 10 years ago. The show is intended to be a humorous portrayal of aRead more

Six Weird Things About Me

Monica tagged me with this meme today, where I have to “fess up” to 6 weird things about myself – are you sure you want to play this game, Monica? The Rules: Each player starts with “6 weird things about you”. Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their ownRead more

Fun with Weather Warnings

I received this from someone today and had to share it as the flip side to my post from the other day.Chilled Vancouver commuters faced their second day of winter hell today, as an additional ΒΌ centimetre of the peculiar white stuff fell, bringing the lower mainland to its knees and causing millions of dollarsRead more

Word Cloud

The Green Mommy put one of these “word clouds” on her blog this week, and I thought it looked like a fun. Here’s what they came up with for me: Click here to make one of your own.

15 Favorite Books

Katie started a meme on her blog a few days ago in order to scope out some new reading material. Since I’ve seen so many interesting books on the resulting lists, I thought I’d take part too. (In no particular order) 1. A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon3. ChildRead more

Scenes from a Snowy Day (or two)

The snowfall that we’d been promised arrived with a bang on Saturday night. We tend to get a few sprinklings of snow every winter, but the temperatures are rarely cold enough for the snow to collect, and it usually melts within a few hours. That wasn’t the case this time, and we’ve been enjoying havingRead more