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I’ve seen several people taking part in a fun blog project (started over at Owlhaven, I believe), posting photos of the various things that occur over the course of one day in their life. Here’s my day as it happened on Wednesday, February 28th.

The first thing I saw when I woke up was a still-snoozing pup (her bed is on the floor beside ours). I’m usually woken up by my son crawling in for a cuddle, but everyone slept in that day.

While letting the dog out to pee, I noticed that we got a light skiff of snow overnight. It was gone within a couple of hours.
After a quick breakfast, we headed out the door to drop my daughter off at her twice-weekly girls group.
While she’s there, my son and I play games and read together, and I try to catch up on some chores and homeschool reporting (check out my ancient laptop complete with valentine sticker and broken hinge).
We are unschoolers in approach, but we register as homelearners with an alternative private school that favors child-led learning. In exchange for a few minutes of daily reporting on my part (the kids are only vaguely aware of the reporting – I just basically journal about what they’ve gotten up to that day), they supply us with $1000 worth of funding per child for their various activities and supplies. While it’s a mild annoyance for me, we wouldn’t be able to afford all of the wonderful classes that they take part in without it.
Just before lunch, the boy and I hopped back in the car and ran back to pick her up. Here he is while we were waiting for her to come out (don’t you just love that staticky, cold-weather hair?).
We take advantage of our time in the car by listening to audio books (we’re currently listening to The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman). It’s a great way to pass the time, and we’ve “read” some great books this way (some favorites include Magyk, Redwall, How to Train Your Dragon, and the Little House on the Prairie series).

Bee is in desperate need of some new shirts, so we stopped at our favorite kids’ consignment shop to see what we could find. There wasn’t anything in that she liked that day, but Jay came out with two Bionicle sets for himself.

By this point we were starving, so we ran across the street to Tinkers Hatch Bakery and got ourselves some salmon/sausage rolls for lunch (as well as a bag of day old goodies to go with our tea later).
The kids were horrified that I was taking photos of everything (“Mom!! You look like a tourist!!).

We came home to discover that Bee’s new piano books arrived in the mail. She spent a long time playing her favorite songs and pouring over the new ones.

The kids built a fort in their room in the afternoon, and Shadow seemed to enjoy hiding in the tunnel (click here if you haven’t met the cats yet).

While I was out taking the laundry off the line, I noticed that the crows were going past on their daily migration. This photo doesn’ t do it justice, but there were hundreds (probably even thousands) of them flying overhead in a seemingly endless stream. This phenomenon is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Each day, just as the sun starts to go down, every crow in the entire lower mainland flies east to a meeting point somewhere in Burnaby (which is the city just east of Vancouver). I’ve been close to that part of town right as they were congregating, and it was incredible – like a scene right out of “The Birds”, every tree and rooftop filled with their cawing blackness.

Walking through the back room later, I noticed how beautiful the “Lions” looked all covered in a fresh dusting of snow (you may have to enlarge the photo to see them clearly, but the Lions are a natural rock formation on the mountains north of Vancouver that resembles two regal lions watching over the city).

Here’s what we had for dinner – creamed salmon and peas on toast. Quick and easy comfort food.

Bee recently decided that she wanted a change from her usual ponytail and asked me to give her some shorter, funkier layers (I taught myself how to cut hair years ago in order to save ourselves a few bucks). It’s crazy how much more grown up it makes her look!

Just before heading off to bed, I did one last check on the kids. Poor Jay has to fight Baxter for his share of the pillow every night.

And that was pretty much our day. I didn’t manage to catch a few key moments (the evening beverage and chat session with my darling hubby for one), but some things are too precious to interrupt by rushing off to grab the camera.
Hope you’re having a good weekend!

13 thoughts on “A Day in the Life”

  • What for wonderful picture of a day in the life and very interesting.I enjoyed to read.Your daughter is very cute!

    Have a nice weekend with your family too!


  • Hey, I didn’t know that anyone else in the world other than my family ate creamed peas and salmon on toast. Can you share any history on that with me? Looks like you had a good day.

  • Steffi – Thank you! It was a fun project.

    Burdockboy – Sadly, bakeries tend to do that to me too.

    Anna – I’m glad you enjoyed the muesli! Thanks for stopping by!

    Carla – I don’t know how much history there is to it, my mom used to make it a lot when I was a kid.
    Maybe it’s a Norwegian thing?!

  • Hi Cheryl, This is great!

    Thanks for playing along!

    Mary, mom to many

    PS–I misread your sentence about the crows migrating…I thought it says ‘cows migrating’ and then squinted in puzzlement at the picture of black specks in the sky…and at the thought of cows migrating. Obviously I haven’t had enough coffee yet today!

    Mary, mom to many

  • Just browsing and i had to comment. I love that idea. I think it kinda makes simple events seem much more important. I may have to follow suit myself just to see what my day brings.

  • Cheryl:
    You would have loved what I saw the other day—a huge flock of robins flying over head. It was almost sunset and I looked up and there they where with all their breasts glowing red-orange. It was beautiful. I have never had them fly overhead in a large group –they always seem to be on the ground when I see them together.

    By the way—we’ve had static hair lately too—drives me crazy.

  • A day well spent! Your children are beautiful. Thankfully my husband was taught how to cut hair in the Marine Corps and he cuts mine as well as Owen’s.

  • Sounds like a fun, if not busy, day.

    We cut our kid’s hair ourselves too. Neither has had a professional haircut and they’re 5 and 3. Unfortunately, sometimes it shows πŸ™‚ Can’t keep ’em still… but around here kid’s haircuts are around $25!

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