Scenes from a Snowy Day (or two)

The snowfall that we’d been promised arrived with a bang on Saturday night. We tend to get a few sprinklings of snow every winter, but the temperatures are rarely cold enough for the snow to collect, and it usually melts within a few hours. That wasn’t the case this time, and we’ve been enjoying having a “real” winter for a change. My husband and I grew up with snowy winters, so it’s a big deal for us.
Here’s what the front yard looked like on Monday after the snow let up a bit. Click here to see what it usually looks like.

I took this today after the sun came out (and the temperatures plummetted – brrr…). This is looking left from our front stoop – you can just see the snow covered mountains behind the trees.
With the roads impassable for the past two days, we spent our time at home baking, reading, and playing board games (we’re playing Vancouver-in-a-Box in the above photo, which is Monopoly with Vancouver landmarks).

We saw this great bunch of icicles while we were out today (we finally ventured out after spending almost an hour excavating the car). The icicles ran the entire length of the building, and Jay just had to have one to use as a sword (he felt like the White Witch from the Narnia books).It’s supposed to be clear and cold until tomorrow afternoon, and then we’re in for another heavy snowfall. We intend to enjoy it, because it’s back to rain on Saturday.To see some pictures of the kids and the dog having fun in the white stuff, click here.

4 thoughts on “Scenes from a Snowy Day (or two)”

  • So, that’s where our weather is! ;). We’re having unusual weather here in Maine, as well. We’re usually huddled next to the fire and pulling out the winter gear by now, but we didn’t even have our first HARD frost until a couple of weeks ago, and temps have been above freezing with only a few exceptions. Very odd.

  • Phelan – Stay warm!

    Wendy – I’ve heard that it’s unseasonably warm back east right now. I think we’re done with the frigid weather now, you can have it back! πŸ™‚

  • I should have stayed out west. I want snow. We are having unusual weather here in the Northland, it was in the 50’s the other dayTonight it is supposed to get in the single digits, but we need the white stuff.

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