Christmas Traditions

I know some people are anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival, but what I’m most excited about is getting to listen to the Vinyl Cafe Christmas special. I’ve mentioned my love of the popular show in the past, but if you aren’t familiar with this Canadian treasure, you’re in for a treat! While the Vinyl Cafe storiesRead more

The Good Life

I stumbled across this delightful BBC show from the 1970’s on Netflix last fall, and thought some of you might also enjoy it. The Good Life (also called Good Neighbours) follows the trials and tribulations of a couple who decide to turn their suburban London lot into a self-sufficient farmstead. The characters are charming, andRead more

The Hangover

Ceramic egg holder.

I wonder what kind of traffic that title will bring to the blog. I apologize for my recent absence, I was detained against my will. Well, okay, not for the entire three weeks, but I’ve spent the past two recovering from the excitement of the first week. I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago,Read more


Look what I discovered when I went into the coop this afternoon:     This has got to be the smallest egg I’ve ever seen, even smaller than the quail eggs we used to buy!  Its small stature is even more evident when you compare it to one of our regular sized eggs: Since we’re onRead more

And now for something completely different…

I spent far too much time updating my blog template today, so there’s no time for a real post.  Instead, I’ll share two silly photos that I just downloaded off of my phone.  Both were taken by me while in Vancouver recently.  The first one we see on the way to my mom’s place, andRead more

Chick Update

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning and did a little happy dance. It’s been well over a month since we’ve had any precipitation here (except for a couple of minor sprinkles that didn’t even get the ground wet), so my garden is suffering, as I’ve been avoiding watering too much inRead more

Made ya look!

Guess what I spotted while I was out planting my potatoes the other day… No, this doesn’t belong to a naughty garden gnome. It’s actually a rather peculiar shaped Russian Fingerling seed potato, but (or should I say “butt”) it gave my husband and I a good laugh. I might be jinxing myself by sayingRead more

Do a Happy Dance

I got this video through an email list that I’m on, and it’s so great that I just had to share it. Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

8 Things Meme

Danielle tagged me with this meme the other day. The idea is that I’m supposed to list 8 things about myself (facts or habits).At this point I can’t even think of one, so this should be fun! 1. I’ve seen “The Princess Bride” so many times that I can recite the dialogue from the entireRead more