Market Share

Today was the second to last market day of the year, so I’ve started hoarding for winter. It’s becoming painfully obvious that the days of fresh, readily available local produce are coming to a close, and I found it hard to resist taking more than I probably needed.   Saturday market trips are always fun,Read more

September’s Sights

Please excuse the poor quality of today’s photos. It was so overcast when I took these, that I barely had enough light to get them without a flash (and I hate using the flash!). Here’s what’s happening around the garden these days. The calendula’s still looking lovely. I’m hoping to get some seeds off ofRead more

Oven Baked Pear (or Apple) Butter

I was out at my aunt’s place on Tuesday following my grandmother’s funeral, and she was kind enough to load me up with pears from her tree before I left for home. I’d been wanting to make some of our favorite pear/apple butter while the fruit was readily available, and today I finally managed toRead more

Thelma Bjorge 1928 – 2006

Today was a sad day for my family, as my grandmother passed away early this morning. She was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of years ago, and was being lovingly cared for by my mother for the last few months of her life.Thelma was an incredibly strong, feisty woman of Norwegian and Scottish descent,Read more

Blackberry Jam

Blackberry bushes are one of the most invasive plants that we have around here. Any untended space is quickly overrun with these opportunistic brambles – but you won’t hear me complaining! As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing that beats the flavour of a fully ripe, sun-warmed blackberry. I’ve been a blackberry gleaner for asRead more

Saltspring Island – Ruckle Park

We arrived home today following our final holiday of the summer (*sob*). We spent the first few days of our trip camping on Salt Spring Island, one of our very favorite places in the world. My husband and I started going there together 13 years ago when we were still in university, and it’s becomeRead more

Summer days.

We spent the day at the beach today, visiting with some good friends we hadn’t seen since our various homeschooling activities ended in June. The weather was great, and we even got to watch an eagle diving for fish! On our way home we splurged and stopped at our favorite organic grocer for a bagette,Read more

Unschooling Blog

For anyone who might be interested, we started an unschooling blog today. It will focus more specifically on homeschooling/unschooling issues, as well as track what we may be doing, thinking, interested in, and/or learning about at any given time.Come pay us a visit!

Griddle Me This

Pancakes seem to be the order of the day around the blogosphere lately (I’ve seen at least 3 references to them in the past few days), and my little corner is no exception. I love my pancake griddle/waffle iron. I know, it’s pathetic, but it’s true. Maybe it’s because it’s exactly the same as theRead more

Homestead Dreams

Getting out of town on our holidays has (as it usually does) reignited our desire to move out of the city. We had only ever planned on staying for 2 years when we came here just before our daughter was born. We’d just finished university, backpacked around Europe for a few months, and decided thatRead more