Butchering Day

Butternut Coconut Red Lentil Curry

We grow a fair amount of squash, and it usually gets eaten throughout the year – roasted whole, tossed with pasta, turned into soup, or baked into muffins. Most years, I cook one of the big guys and freeze the pulp in glass jars (this is often the remainder of a jack-o-lantern), but in 2016Read more

No-Parm Pesto

I may have overdone it. Again. I have a tendency to get overly excited about one crop every year and plant way more than one family can possibly eat. Exhibit A, last year’s garlic haul: By June, when I still had half a bushel left and it became obvious that we weren’t going to finishRead more

Sour Puss

Ours is a family that loves big flavors.  Salty, bitter, spicy, sour – you name it, we love it.  Even the kids adore things like garlic, dijon mustard, kalamata olives, and tonic water, which is a dream for me, ’cause there’s no way I’d enjoy cooking nothing but plain pasta or white bread sandwiches. OneRead more

The Must Make Jam of Summer

If you’re a fan of peach and raspberry jams, then you’ve got to give this recipe a try. Β It’s the perfect blend of the two flavors, which go together unbelievably well, and the color of the resulting jam is amazing. I made this for the first time a few years ago, and my kids lovedRead more

Crop Failure

Our cooler than normal summer did nothing for our tomato crop, which struggled from the get go. The plants grew nice and tall and looked healthy enough, but they set very few fruits, and the ones that did develop just sat there not changing colour. Even the mature plant that my mom bought at theRead more

Unusual Market Finds

A farmer’s market is a great place to find unusual varieties of things that you’d never find in a typical grocery store, and this week I must have been in an adventurous mood, because I came home with several things that I’d never bought before. This Rock Melon (back) caught my eye because it wasRead more

Mid Month Check-Up

I’m finding my garden posts from last year to be very useful as a gardening journal, so for future reference, here’s where things stand in the middle of August. This incredibly robust pumpkin plant just appeared near the compost bin. We have no idea what variety it is, but it’s growing so fast you canRead more


Last week was the week of the apricot around here. There’s a market down the hill from us that had organic BC apricots on sale for $1.99/lb (about 50 cents a pound less than the ones at the farmers market), so I bought about 10 pounds and lugged them home for processing. After fighting backRead more


My mom, the kids, and I headed out to our favorite u-pick farm yesterday for round two of the great berry stockpile that takes place in our household every summer. This time we were hungry for raspberries and blueberries. Unfortunately, when we got there we were told that the berries had been picked out earlierRead more

Is it summer yet?

It has been an incredibly wet June in this corner of the globe. We’ve had rain on 18 of the past 25 days, and I’m starting to worry about the welfare of my poor tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. It’s been downright cold in the evenings, getting down to around 10 degrees celcius (50 fahrenheit). TheyRead more