Local Lovelies – The Naam

I’m a real creature of habit. Once I find something that I like, it takes a lot to get me to try something new (why risk being disappointed?). My absolute favorite local vegetarian restaurant (perhaps even my favorite Vancouver restaurant, period) is the Naam. It’s furnished with well worn, mismatched furniture, there’s a wood stoveRead more

Things I Love – My Quilt

My mother-in-law made this quilt for us last year. It’s hard to believe that it was one of the first quilting projects she ever did. You can’t see it, but all of our names (including the pets) are sewn into the fabric as part of the quilting. It’s a treasure that I hope to passRead more

One more sleep!

Today was a lovely day of baking, music, and a fun new Christmas story on the Vinyl Cafe (Dave decided to raise a turkey in the garage as a surprise for Morley). I made a few last things for tomorrow’s breakfast (everyone’s coming here to open gifts in the morning), most importantly our traditional gooeyRead more

Holiday Chocolate Fix

The pace of the pre-holiday busyness (visiting friends, gathering food for the feast) slowed down momentarily this morning and I took the chance to make some more goodies. First on the agenda was one of Rachel Ray’s Five Minute Fudge Wreaths. I’m not really a fan of fudge, but I decided to give this aRead more

Cheese Coins

December is a big birthday month around here (my brother, father-in-law, and husband all have their birthdays within a 10 day period). Now that the celebrations are more or less over (aside from a small get together on Saturday night), and the kids’ various activities have come to an end for the holidays, it’s timeRead more

Scenes from a Snowy Day (or two)

The snowfall that we’d been promised arrived with a bang on Saturday night. We tend to get a few sprinklings of snow every winter, but the temperatures are rarely cold enough for the snow to collect, and it usually melts within a few hours. That wasn’t the case this time, and we’ve been enjoying havingRead more

Local Lovelies – Wine

I’m not exactly what one would call a wine connoisseur, but I do know what I like. I was introduced to this wine (Ehrenfelser) by my good friend Carla, who showed up on my doorstep with a bottle in hand one day, and it’s been one of my absolute favorites ever since. It’s fruity andRead more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was Thanksgiving for those of us here in Canada, and I had grand plans of posting photos of our scrumptious meal (which we actually had yesterday), but unfortunately it didn’t survive long enough for that to happen. Instead, I’ll post some photos of what we did with our gorgeous holiday Monday. We met myRead more

Wicked Witch of the East?

I was over at a friend’s house yesterday and had a good chuckle over where she keeps her gardening clogs. It looks like Dorothy set her house down in their back yard!

Cookbook Spotlight – The Rebar

My husband and I met almost 13 years ago while going to school at the University of Victoria. Well, not really – we’re actually from the same hometown, but we didn’t really know each other there, despite having several of the same friends. He even lived right behind one of my very best school chums.Read more