Griddle Me This

Pancakes seem to be the order of the day around the blogosphere lately (I’ve seen at least 3 references to them in the past few days), and my little corner is no exception.

I love my pancake griddle/waffle iron. I know, it’s pathetic, but it’s true. Maybe it’s because it’s exactly the same as the one we had when I was growing up (you gotta love Ebay) and I’m a bit of a sucker for anything nostaglic. Or maybe it’s because I can plug it in with an extension cord and cook the pancakes at the table rather than standing over the stove while everyone else is eating (yeah, I know, you can do that with the newer versions too, but they don’t have that cool retro styling). I’ve even used it to make paninis.

Weekends usually mean at least one pancake feast (I make a pretty good whole wheat blueberry buttermilk pancake), and we often eat them for dinner when I’m not feeling overly creative, or when I just need a little comfort food.

We prefer our pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup around here. That might sound a little weird, but it’s really good! Nobody knows exactly where this way of eating them came from, but people on both sides of my family do it, and have for years. The bonus is that it gives you a little protein while you’re carbo loading.

I prefer crunchy, but that’s a personal thing.

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