Made ya look!

Guess what I spotted while I was out planting my potatoes the other day…

No, this doesn’t belong to a naughty garden gnome.

It’s actually a rather peculiar shaped Russian Fingerling seed potato, but (or should I say “butt”) it gave my husband and I a good laugh.

I might be jinxing myself by saying this, but it would seem that spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods (although we did have snow on April 19th last year, so I shouldn’t get too cocky). Our last snowfall was about 2 weeks ago, but it didn’t stick around for long, and things are finally starting to bud and leaf out.

In the garden so far, we have broad beans, garlic, peas, arugula, mache, kai-lan (Chinese broccoli), and spinach coming up. Potatoes are in, but haven’t yet broken the surface.

Garlic shoots.

There’s a lot of work to be done before the rest of the garden can be planted. We have to dig many more beds, and the rocks and wild grasses seem to have taken over since last year (thankfully, most of the grasses have shallow roots that can be pulled up fairly easily with a rake).We were very lucky and scored two compost bins (and the compost contained within them) on Freecycle last fall, so we’re spreading that around and are busy trying to produce more.

Inside the house, the window ledges are lined with seedlings, with more being planted weekly.Awaiting their turn in the garden are onions, shallots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage and alpine strawberries.While cleaning up the beds a few weeks ago, I noticed that there are some healthy looking greens growing in the spot where I threw down (and promptly forgot about) a Mediterranean greens mix last summer. I can’t find the package for it anywhere, and I’m wondering if someone out there can help me identify them and figure out whether they’re indeed edible, or if they’re weeds (although I don’t see them growing anywhere else).
Both of these have relatively small leaves and taste pretty good (based on a tentative nibble). Any thoughts? They’re mixed in with oregano, Italian parsley, and what I think must be chervil, although I didn’t think it was that hardy (has anyone had chervil survive a cold winter?).Anyway, I better get on with my day. I hope everyone has a great weekend and has a chance to get their hands dirty!

7 thoughts on “Made ya look!”

  • I had to take my seedlings out to my parent’s place with the dog because the weather is suppose to turn bad this week. We will be in Abbotsford and going to the island Friday. I don’t know exactly where you are, but do you want to do coffee? My email is on my blog and I will be on email.

    I am looking forward to getting some stuff growing here. Things aren’t as far along as there, but when we get back it should be better.

  • I am in Abbotsford now but can’t email out until sometime tomorrow. T is going to the ferry Tuesday morning at 9:00 and will go across himself. We are going on Friday to Comox and picking up T on Sunday and coming back to Abbotsford until Tuesday morning. I will email tomorrow.

  • We seem to be on track with our garden this year too. I haven’t planted the potatoes yet, I’ve heard it’s best to wait until the dandelions are in bloom (which they haven’t at our garden site). I love the butt fingerling. I’m still trying to find fingerling seed potatoes around here. So far I just have the usual-norland, kennebec, pontiac, and russets.

  • Ahhh… gardening! Finally the winter weather has abated here in WI, and I think we might be able to get outside and start cleaning the yard up this weekend.

    I’m a bit behind in my gardening this year, due to Peef’s lay-off and the like; but, I’m hoping to get back on track really soon!

  • Your top photo of the two mystery plants looks very similar to what is growing in the plot where I had Swiss Chard last year. At first I though it was chard that had survived the winter, but now its getting bigger and its apparent it is not chard…I’ll keep reading here to see if anyone can identify it.

  • Dawn – I hope you had a great time during the rest of your trip!

    Michelle – Not bad, eh? I did feel pretty lucky about those!

    BurdockBoy – *snicker*, “butt fingerling”, *giggle*.
    I’ve never heard that about the dandelions, I’ll have to watch for that next year.

    Lo – I’m sorry to hear about Peef’s lay-off, I hope you guys are doing okay.

    Freelearners – No word on what they are yet. Mine has gotten quite a bit bigger, but they’re going to get the boot soon to make room for other stuff.

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