Look what I discovered when I went into the coop this afternoon:


This has got to be the smallest egg I’ve ever seen, even smaller than the quail eggs we used to buy!  Its small stature is even more evident when you compare it to one of our regular sized eggs:

Since we’re on the topic of strange eggs, I might as well share a few more of the odd ones we’ve gotten. This one was so large that the only thing I could think when I saw it was “ouch”.


What made this egg truly bizarre was the thick, malformed shell.  It looked like it had been molded out of clay.


Of course this bad boy had to be a double yolker:


We’ve also gotten quite a few shell-less eggs:


These aren’t new to anyone who’s ever raised chickens, but it definitely freaked me out the first time I reached into the nest box and felt an egg “give” in my hand.


You certainly don’t get this kind of variety in a carton of store-bought eggs.  I can’t wait to fry up my tiny egg.

Perhaps some tiny bacon would be in order?

9 thoughts on “Oddities”

  • Hi LynnAnne – Yes, we do give them extra oyster shell. We really only got the shell-less eggs when they first started laying. Our hens aren't even a year old yet, so that may explain their "creativity"! : )

  • Carla – I know, but I'm dying to know there's a yolk in it!

    Mandi – I never had either, they're so weird!

    Staci – I'm sure you'll get one eventually!

    Annie – They're a little off-putting, but they've all been perfectly normal so far (as long as you don't count the extra hit of cholesterol from the double yolkers!).

  • We were the recipients of an emu egg once, to eat on my son's 10th birthday. Not only was it dark green, hard as heck to crack, it was delicious!

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