Kitchen Sink Cookies

I copied this recipe out of a Martha Stewart magazine years ago, and it’s probably the cookie recipe I turn to most often when I get the urge to do a little baking. They’ve got almost everything you can imagine in them (hence the name), so they make a very hearty and satisfying addition toRead more

My Favorite Scones

I don’t think weekend breakfasts get much better than a batch of warm homemade scones alongside a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. I found a fantastic scone recipe in Joan Hassol’s Well Preserved recently, and it’s the perfect way to use up the buttermilk that I have left over from my recent batchRead more

Making Butter

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of pesticides that may be present in your diet, butter is one of the biggest things to watch out for. Since pesticide residues tend to collect in body fat, any pesticides or chemicals that a cow has been exposed to will collect in the fatty tissues and beRead more

Onion Marmalade

While reading my new favorite cookbook, The Farmhouse Cookbook by Susan Herrmann Loomis, I spotted this recipe for Onion Marmalade (despite the name, it doesn’t actually contain any citrus peel). We are real lovers of onions around here (my son eats them on almost everything), so I thought it would probably be a big hit.Read more

Eggs in a Nest

There are a lot of different names for this, but Eggs in a Nest is what my mom always called it. Actually, my mom usually made hers in a muffin pan with the bread pushed into the cup to form a nest, but this is basically the same idea. I found that the use ofRead more

Pear Ginger Jam

Pear Ginger Jam with Fresh Ginger

While the pumpkins were cooking down yesterday, I used the last of my pears to make a batch of pear ginger jam. I’d never had this particular combination before, but have heard good things about it, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Not knowing any better, I went out and bought myself aRead more


I had a love affair with tiramisu years before I’d ever been to Italy. What’s not to love about this rich, creamy, coffee-infused delight? Once I was actually on Italian soil, it was game over, I sampled tiramisu all the way across the country. The best I ever had was in a restaurant in Vernazza,Read more


I’ve mentioned before that I have a real desire to make a connection with my family roots, particularly with the women and the culinary traditions they would have passed down to their daughters through the generations. Many of these were lost when my great grandparents moved to Canada many years ago, so I’m attempting toRead more

Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins

I’ve been dying to try this recipe for Cranberry Pumpkin muffins from the moment I first spotted it (it’s from my newly acquired copy of The Farmhouse Cookbook by Susan Herrmann Loomis). I was not disappointed, they were a delicious way to start our day. The muffins are tender and fluffy, and are a delightfulRead more

Skunks and Green Tomato Mincemeat

Don’t worry, I haven’t just invented the world’s worst holiday pie. At about 2:00 this morning, I was awakened by the sound of something squealing and squawking for dear life under my bedroom window, and then the burning stench of hell itself filled the house. I don’t know who was on the receiving end ofRead more