Pear Ginger Jam

Pear Ginger Jam with Fresh Ginger

Pear Ginger Jam with Fresh Ginger

While the pumpkins were cooking down yesterday, I used the last of my pears to make a batch of pear ginger jam. I’d never had this particular combination before, but have heard good things about it, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Not knowing any better, I went out and bought myself a nice plump ginger root, only to discover that all of the recipes out there call for candied ginger, not fresh. Instead of dashing out to buy the candied variety, I opted to experiment with what I had.

Since I’ve never tasted the original version, I can’t really compare the two, but what I ended up with tasted absolutely wonderful. Everyone kept sneaking into the kitchen all evening to steal a taste from the partial jar that’s in the fridge.

Pear Ginger Jam:

  • 4 cups chopped pears
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/3 of a cup of finely minced fresh ginger root
  • 1 package of pectin
  • 7 cups of sugar (see note)
Put the pears into a pot and mash (or take an immersion blender to the jam after it’s cooked a bit, taking care not to splash yourself). Add lemon juice and ginger; bring to a boil. Add pectin. Slowly stir in sugar. Cook until jam sheets off of the back of a spoon. Ladle into sterile jars and process (about 15 minutes for 1/2 pint jars).
The jam tastes like a really delicious, ripe pear, but with a hint of gingery warmth. It would be great used in all the regular ways one uses jam, but I’m thinking it might also be nice used as a glaze for fish (mixed with a little tamari, maybe?).
My favorite way of eating it so far is straight off the spoon.
*Edited to add: I’ve been making it with 5 cups of sugar lately, instead of 7, and it works just as well.

25 thoughts on “Pear Ginger Jam

  1. Katie – You’re welcome! I’ll be trying your pumpkin butter recipe at some point too, I’ve been looking for a good one.
    I’m so envious of your location. I worked in Waterton for a summer (the Canadian side of Glacier National Park) and it’s been one of my favorite parts of the world ever since!

  2. I agree with Katie. The jam is looks wonderful. Very impressive.

    On a French note, last week I bought the French Farmhouse cookbook. It is a lovely book (Susan Herrmann Loomis) and 2 nights in a row, dinner has been from this book. No fail, delicious French farm fare. I wish your library had it so you could at least view it. Do they do inter-library loans?

    PS – the Jack O’Lanterns were so cute!

  3. Lu – I knew what you meant! Thanks!
    You’re killing me with all the talk about that cookbook, I’ll have to see about an inter-library loan. What have you made so far?

  4. Cheryl, not sure if you all eat meat, but both of my recipes from French Farmhouse had meat in them. Last night I made a Daube which takes a good day or at least part of an overnight. It had beef, carrots, green olives and fennel — MMMM. The previous evening I made an omelette aux lardons et au pommes de terre. (bacon and potato omelette). Oh did I fail to mention the Creme Fraiche as the finishing touch?!!!

    Today I am taking your hint about the Laurel’s Kitchen oatmeal bread and I have the oatmeal cooking right now. Thanks!

  5. Carla – Let me know what you think.

    Lu – Mmm, those both sound really good. We don’t eat much meat, but I can usually work around that. By the way, I found myself a copy of the French book for $4 on Powells!! Yay!

    I hope you like the bread as much as I do!

  6. What a find, your French Farmhouse book on Powells! I will watch along the way to see what you might make from the book. I think you will enjoy it. In fact, I enjoy Susan’s writing. In the daube recipe, for example, she says that the meal should be boiling “merrily” along. I just love that it should be merry!

  7. I was on the fence wether to make what pears I have left into 9LOL) wine or jam. Seeing yours, I have decided I will try your recipe. I may just go out & find more pears. Pear wine or maybe mead sounds so bliss when I think of a lunch with pear jam on muffins and a small glass of pear nectar of the gods/goddess….Thank you for sharing.
    P.S the tiramisu is afavorite of our family. I will be making your suggested/tried recipe to surprise my father in law for his birthday!

  8. Tammie – What a choice to have to make – jam or wine. The jam is lovely, but I’ve never had pear wine, it sounds great. Do you make it like you do the apple wine?

    I hope your father-in-law likes the tiramisu! One thing I forgot to mention is that I dipped the ladyfingers into the coffee mixture individually rather than drizzling it over them (I wanted them to be uniformly soft).

  9. This story sounds familiar! I made a batch of peach-ginger jam last month using fresh ginger (like you, because I didn’t know better) and the results are great. Using candied ginger seems like a bit of a waste of time — after all you’re candying it while you make the jam so why not use all fresh ingredients?!

  10. Wow! I just found your recipe via google. Today I gleaned something like 12 pounds of what I believe are Bartlett pears. I’ve never made jam before, and only just learned to can this year. I’m going to try this recipe though. I can’t wait til they ripen up a little more!


  11. Thanks for the recipe! I, too, found your recipe via Google because I wanted a recipe that used fresh ginger rather than candied. I have tons of pears also!
    ps….I’m enjoying your blog and all the recipes.

  12. I found this recipe using a google search for ‘ginger pear jam’ and my friends, it’s fantastic! My proportions are a bit different since I had more pears to use than the 4 cups, but still, it’s delicious!!

    One tip though, if you’re using fresh ginger like I did… make sure you’re actually cutting the ginger into tiny pieces. I just grated it and it looks like, uh, I have cat hair floating in it. Ginger makes really long strands in a grater. :0

  13. Wow! I just made this with an adjustment for low sugar. It tastes and looks divine. Didn't want to share the spoon with the hubby.

  14. Thank you for posting this recipe! I also googled a Pear Ginger Jam recipe, & I am so excited to try this! I have already done a spiced pear jam, a rhubarb pear butter & vanilla pear jam, so I am really excited to try this one out as well! Thanks again!! ~ Red

  15. Hey i planted a couple of pears this year this looks awesome will copy and try on next years harvest. Does the type of pear matter? I have a Kieffer and an Ayers pear trees This spring I'll be grafting a heirloom pear I found growing in a field close by don't lknow exactly the cultivar but I think its a Warren. So wish me luck.

  16. amsweitzer – I'm not sure how different varieties would affect it, but I can't see it being much of a problem as long as they cook down to a soft consistency. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  17. thanks for the recipe its really great a neibor gave me a box of pears last week been procwssing them I made the pear ginger jam and found that it would make a great glaze on chicken,pork,fish and have tried it on Pork chops its great.

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