Sheep-Free Haggis (Vegan/Gluten-Free)

Sheep Burns Supper Veggie

I’ve never had a traditional haggis. Call me crazy, but I prefer sheep in their original packaging. So what’s a good Scottish girl to do whenΒ her favourite January reason for feastin’ rolls around? Veggie haggis, of course! Burns Suppers are something we started doing with our kids back when we were home schooling. We wouldRead more

Date Squares, A Love Story

Matrimonial Cake, also known as Date Squares/Bars - a family favorite, made vegan!

I acquired my love of cooking from my mom, who grew up on a remote homestead in the Peace River valley. The oldest girl of 6 kids, she was expected to pitch in as soon as she was able, so cooking was something she picked up early on. Matrimonial Cake, a staple dessert of ruralRead more

The Hangover

Ceramic egg holder.

I wonder what kind of traffic that title will bring to the blog. I apologize for my recent absence, I was detained against my will. Well, okay, not for the entire three weeks, but I’ve spent the past two recovering from the excitement of the first week. I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago,Read more

What I Did On My Summer Vacation – 2007

We’re back from our holiday, feeling rested and relaxed, but wishing we’d had more time to soak up the atmosphere of our idyllic destination. We spent the entire week in a cabin on Saltspring Island, our favorite of the islands that lie off the coast of Vancouver. If you were around last summer, you mightRead more

Garden Update and My Grandma

Phelan was asking how everyone’s gardens were doing, so I thought I’d share a photo of the state of things in our back yard right now. The potatoes and peas (in the foreground) are doing well, and we’ve got lots of carrots, broccoli, spinach, kale, and mixed greens at the moment. I just put theRead more

We’re Out!

We’ve finally finished our move, and have almost settled in at my mother’s place (which is where we’ll be staying while our house is being built). It was kind of sad to leave our little house (it was just under 800 square feet at the best of times, though it seemed much smaller in theRead more

My Girl

My lovely girl turned eleven today. I really don’t know how we’ve gotten here so fast. B. at three and a half.What can I tell you about her – she’s hilariously funny, incredibly thoughtful and caring, a talented artist, a voracious reader and an aspiring writer. She adores babies (she’s been begging me to haveRead more

10 Years

Today is the tenth anniversary of the day I married my partner in crime. We’d been together for four years by that point, and had already had our first child. I never really wanted to go to all the fuss of getting married – to me, having a child together was more of a commitmentRead more

Happy Vernal Equinox!

Today is the first day of spring, and I for one have a bad case of spring fever. I always feel a bit like a curtain is being lifted at this time of year, and I spend the last week of March with a constant bubble of giddiness percolating in my belly. Big changes seemRead more

A Day in the Life

I’ve seen several people taking part in a fun blog project (started over at Owlhaven, I believe), posting photos of the various things that occur over the course of one day in their life. Here’s my day as it happened on Wednesday, February 28th. The first thing I saw when I woke up was aRead more