Tomato Daze

I’m still dealing with tomatoes as they continue to ripen in dribs and drabs in our cool autumn weather. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm for the next week or so, and I’m hoping that the lack of rain will allow the rest of them to finish up.

This morning I started drying what’s left of the Juliet cherry tomatoes (which look like baby romas). As of tonight they seem more or less much done; I guess their smaller size makes them faster to dehydrate.
I also took a stab at making ketchup today. I don’t particularly like the stuff but my son does. Since the organic variety costs an arm and a leg and is trucked from halfway across the continent, I thought it might be a good thing to try. We haven’t used it on anything yet, but it seems to taste like the real thing.I’m continuing to revise my planting priorities for next year. I’ve already decided that I need to make room for more basil, and today I realized that I need to plant far more roma tomatoes than I did this year, with maybe only a few varieties for fresh eating. Most things that I want to make seem to call for the meatier romas, and I just don’t have enough out there (and the ones I do have are still pretty green). I’ve made some sauces (salsa and ketchup), and will have some dried, but I hardly have any cans of just tomatoes. I use a lot of canned tomatoes, so this is something that will have to change.
I’m hoping to have at least a few left over that don’t ripen though. My mom recently found her recipe for green tomato mincemeat (which I love), so I’ll be needing some for that!

7 thoughts on “Tomato Daze”

  • I’ve never been able to grow enough tomatoes for all my canning needs…but come September it’s pretty easy to get 40lbs of tomatoes for $10 in Keremeos as farmers try to off load before they spoil. I usually make a trip through just for that.

    I love green tomato mincemeat as well.

  • Thanks Carla, I feel very reassured that I’m not the only one who can’t support their tomato habit!
    Forty pounds for $10 is crazy, I wish I were closer.

  • Romas seem to be the only ones really coming in for me. I have been using them for everything. We tried to grow more this year, just didn’t seem to want to happen. Will have to head to the co=op soon and stock up.

  • You’re as close as I am…nice afternoon drive if you’re planning to stock up on everything πŸ˜‰ But truth be told, I usually stop when I’m passing through or ask someone I know who is passing through to stop for me.

  • Phelan – I guess romas are better than nothing.

    Carla – With the price of gas lately, that would kind of negate the $10 bargain. Maybe if someone invited me for a visit I’d have a reason to pass through! πŸ˜€

  • True enough, with gas prices the way they are I drive as little as possible these days. If you’re looking for an invite, you’re welcome to come anytime:)

  • I know this post is very old, LOL, but I would love to get a hold of your recipe for ketchup. My kids go through it like crazy and I can’t afford their organic ketchup habit. I’d love to make some homedmade for them.

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