Stanley Park

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
We decided to take my grandfather to Stanley park since the weather was so gorgeous today. It’s a pretty typical thing to do with visitors from out of town, but it was quite different from the usual trip to the park. Due to the severe damage from the storm we had a couple of weeks ago, most of the park is inaccessible, but we were able to get in on the side where the damage wasn’t so bad – the worst damage seems to have occurred on the side where the winds came right off the open ocean.

The sight of this gorgeous old tree laying on its side was heartbreaking. Everyone who came by couldn’t help but stop and look.

Normally, you wouldn’t have been able to see through this stand of trees. There’s a lot more light coming into the park now.

Whole trees are uprooted and laying on their sides. Notice how many smaller surrounding trees were ripped up by the force of the larger trees’ roots.

This strip of road was lined with exposed roots like these ones. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this clump of roots was at least 15-20 feet high. Many people were walking around in utter disbelief at what they were seeing.
Logging crews are expected to come in and clean things up over the next year or so. There’s always a concern about fire in the park during the summer, so getting all of that fuel out of there is a real priority.

In spite all of the devastation, there was still a lot of beauty to be seen.

5 thoughts on “Stanley Park”

  • Monica – What a terrible time to have all that damage happen to your property!
    It is sad, especially when you think about how long some of them have been there.

    Chelee – It will definitely be different the next time you come, but it’s still very beautiful.

  • I’ve been seeing this story on the news. It looks so sad. I’m glad that you can still find the beauty in all that destruction, and I hope they have park cleaned up soon.

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