FDA Says Cloned Meat Safe to Eat – But Would We Want To?

The FDA has just announced that they consider the meat and milk from cloned animals to be safe for human consumption, and these products could be on supermarket shelves sometime in the not too distant future. Despite calls for labeling by consumer, food safety, and animal rights groups, the FDA would likely not support such a move, as such labeling could lead to widespread bans by consumers of products containing ingredients from cloned livestock. They are holding a three month comment period before making their final decision.What’s your opinion on products from cloned animals?For more information, visit the following links:FDA WebsiteCNN ArticleThe Organic Consumers Association

6 thoughts on “FDA Says Cloned Meat Safe to Eat – But Would We Want To?”

  • What’s bothersome is the lack of labeling. The article I read in the Boston Globe stated that cloned meat is already in the food stream and not labeled as such.

    Also bothersome is they announced this at Christmas. Had they announced it earlier in the year there would’ve been an uproar, but because people are so caught up in the holiday, there hasn’t been much of a clamour around it.

  • Chelee – I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Nio – I’ll have to look for that article, that’s crazy. And you’re right, the timing is very convenient.

    Carla – Scary, isn’t it?

  • ewww, I guess this is a good time to buy organic meat only. I am assuming that cloned meat wouldn’t fall into organic, right? I hope….
    You know, I just can’t understand why exactly cloned meat would be started for food… isn’t it just cheaper and easier to mate animals?

  • Anonymous – I don’t think they’d be allowed to label cloned meat as organic (I hope!).
    Apparently the animals used would be the offspring of cloned animals, rather than individual clones, so the cost would be less. Still icky in my opinion.

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