People I Learn From


Amy Chaplin – Her cookbook and website are gorgeous. Incredible ingredient combinations!

Andrea Bemis – Farming and food, what could be better?!

Anna Jones – Wonderfully simple recipes (her quick soups are a lifesaver!). Beautiful food and photography.

Dreena Burton – Delicious, wholesome recipes. One of my go-tos. Her cookbooks are fab, and she’s a fellow BC girl!

Heather Bruggeman – One of my oldest blogging friends. Heather’s writing is warm and though provoking. She offers wonderful online workshops centered around food and home crafts. Highly recommended!

Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall –  Don’t forget to check out his cookbooks, or pretty much anything from River cottage. (I would also recommend looking for the original Escape to River Cottage episodes on Youtube, they don’t seem to be on their channel at this time.)

Isa Chandra Moskowitz – My tastebud doppleganger; almost everything she makes is my favourite! Check out her cookbooks for lots of great plant-based recipes.

Naturally Ella – A wealth of plant-based cooking information.


Barbara Damrosch – I used to skip school to watch her garden alongside Eliot Coleman (back in their Gardening Naturally days). Love her!

Carol Deppe – Lots of information on resilient gardening, heirlooms, and seed saving.

Charles Dowding – The master of no-dig gardening. Charming and scientific in his approach.

Eliot Coleman – My original gardening crush. Introduced me to the wonders of winter gardening. One of the best!

Linda Gilkeson – Local, West Coast gardener. She is a wealth of knowledge on organic growing and pest control.

Patrick Dolan – I love his informative Youtube videos. He feels like an old friend, and his feline sidekick Oscar is highly entertaining.

Stephanie Hafferty – Another no-dig master and seasonal chef.


George Monbiot – Thought provoking writings on science and the environment, and their connection to food.

Dr. Michael Greger – He scours the scientific literature for evidence based nutrition information that is free from corporate influence. His work is also not for profit.

Michael Pollan – Famous for his writing on food, but also has some great books about gardening and building.

From My Bookshelf

Eating on the Wild Side – Jo Robinson

The Garden Primer – Barbara Damrosch

Harrowsmith Magazine

Mother Earth News Magazine

Permaculture Magazine –  UK Site  / US Site

The Good Life – Helen and Scott Nearing