10 Years

Today is the tenth anniversary of the day I married my partner in crime. We’d been together for four years by that point, and had already had our first child. I never really wanted to go to all the fuss of getting married – to me, having a child together was more of a commitment than any piece of paper could ever provide (in fact, we’d already given each other rings), and the majority of people that I knew who’d ever gotten married ended up getting a divorce eventually, so it certainly wasn’t a guarantee. I wasn’t going to change my name anyway, so what was the point?
Well, it turned out it was important to my significant other, who, several months after our daughter was born, decided that marriage was something he really wanted. Unable to say no to his cute dimples, I eventually gave in.
This was us back in the day (sorry for the quality of this picture, it’s a photo of a somewhat damaged photo). I’m stunned by how young we all look, it was only ten years ago for goodness sake! We’re probably not going to do anything very exciting to celebrate (unless you consider packing and installing baseboards exciting), but we figure that getting our dream of a house in the woods for our tenth anniversary is pretty incredible! I’m not big on the whole “romance” thing anyway – I’ll take some time alone with my honey and a good case of the giggles over roses and candlelit dinners any day. I have to admit, I am glad that we finally made it official. He’s a smart guy, my husband.

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  • Wow Cheryl what for a wonderful picture!!
    Congratulations to you and your family to your “10 years” wedding day!!!I wish you all the best to the next years!! Enjoy your day!


  • Congratulations! 10 years is a milestone, married or not. Despite the damage, the picture is wonderful.

    I’m with you on the “romance” end of things – if given the choice, just sitting outside, looking at the stars, is enough for me.

  • Finally a photo of you!

    Again, I’m struck at how similar your story is to ours. We were together 4 years and had our daughter in that time before we married. She was about 6 months old when we got married. I took his name, and we’ve been married it will be 13 years this summer.


  • Happy anniversary!!! The picture looks great. Looking forward to your dream home is a wonderful way to celebrate. We’ll have to pop a cork the next time I see you to celebrate both the ten years and your new home. Big hug!!!!

  • My husband and I got married, because that’s the only way the Army would consider stationing us in the same place (we were both enlisted when we met). It was more a desire to live in the same place than to be “married”. No regrets here, though. It’ll be twelve years this May.

    Love the picture. You all look very happy ;).

    Congratulations on achieving double digits in your marriage ;).

  • Hey Cheryl
    My mother has you beat! She lived with her husband for almost 11 years before he got her to finally say “I DO”. They’ve been married for 9 years now. So your right—staying together certainly has nothing to do with being married does it! monica
    P.S—Super Happy Anniversary!

  • Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and nice comments!

    Chelee – Do you suppose we could have been separated at a young age? πŸ˜€

    Carla – Sounds like a plan to me!

    Wendy – Wow, talk about incentive to get married.

    Monica – Good for her for waiting until she was ready. Your step-dad must be a patient man!

  • land and a homestead in the making is a perfect gift, congratulations. adam and i ‘held out’ for a long time hinting to my parents that we would have preferred acerage to a grand wedding…they didn’t go for it. we were young, 23, and eventually went with the traditional wedding everyone else expected. $25,000 later (and those are prices from 12 years ago) and we still don’t have a picture from that day in our house, you know those big gigantic wedding photos. heck, i’m not even sure where the album is at the moment. i do know where adam is though, still by my side, as we, like you and your partner, plan our escape to the country…soon.

  • Heather – Your feelings on the whole “wedding” thing sound similar to mine. I would have been happy running off somewhere, rather than starting our marriage off in debt. We did manage to keep the cost to just over $3000, but that was a ton of money at the time!
    As for wedding photos, my brother in law took some nice ones before the ceremony, but I was more concerned about enjoying our day rather than documenting it, so we don’t have a lot from that day. My mom took the ones on the beach the following weekend.

  • Belated congratulations πŸ™‚ What a wonderful 10 year transition, to a new place! May all your years together be increasingly wonderful

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