Last week was the week of the apricot around here. There’s a market down the hill from us that had organic BC apricots on sale for $1.99/lb (about 50 cents a pound less than the ones at the farmers market), so I bought about 10 pounds and lugged them home for processing.
After fighting back the children (who would have happily eaten every last one given the chance), I made a batch of apricot jam. The apricot itself isn’t really one of my favorite fruits, but I adore apricot jam, go figure. I love to spread a crisp rye cracker with a layer of cream cheese, followed by a layer of this lovely amber nectar – it’s like cheese cake you can eat with your hands (oh who am I kidding, I’m not above eating cheesecake with my hands).

The rest of them were halved, pitted, and turned inside out on the racks of the food dehydrator that my very generous friend lent me because mine is packed (thanks, Mel!). It’s always a little disappointing to see all of that fruit reduced to such a small amount, but I rest easy in the fact that it will go far to improve the flavor (and nutritional value – dried apricots are loaded with iron) of this winter’s muesli and granola.I’m hoping to get some more this week before they disappear for another year. I always buy loads of fruit in the summer for preserving, but often completely forget to take the time to enjoy them at their peak. Does anyone have any great apricot recipes they feel like sharing?

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  • I have one for chocolate apricot rugelach i can write up and send you. I wrote about them at this post-it has pictures of this great cookie:
    Sorry, i do not know how to do a short link in comments. I do not have a scanner, but I can take the time this week to type it up for you if your interested. They use 1/2 cup dried apricots- flexible texture like the ones that come in the dried fruit bags- for this recipe are best. These are truly devine and every one loves them. Even those who do not “like apricots”. I wonder if i can a local u-pick with apricots here. Lots of apples, pears and peaches at the farms but have yet to see apricots. The jam looks yummy.

  • When we got our apricots, the kids ate a few, and I had one. Well, we did have the whole box of cherries at the time. I processed the rest. We are probably going to get into the second pie this weekend. When we go out to Abbotsford next week, we will get some more fruit on the way back. I am hoping to get some plums to make a plum lemon butter for chicken.

    Hope you get some more before they are gone.

  • I tend to make a rustic apricot and nectarine pie with mine…have never processed them as my brood is particular and like their fresh only. I think I could get away with drying them though…that might be a really fun thing to try!!!!

    I need to find a cheap source of canning jars; it about broke the bank buying my jars for the spaghetti sauce quart jars and rhubarb/berry jam quarter pint jars!

  • I could probably can some sauces for chicken and pork chops and fish as well with some of the fresh fruits…that is a great idea as well. I love reading this blog!

  • Hello! I haven’t stopped by for a while, so it was a treat to stumble in this evening and catch up on your lovely photographs and read about what you’ve been doing. Hurray for local, for summer, for simple pleasures!

  • i wish i had many apricot recipes to share. alas, i don’t cook with them a lot, not sure why as i do love them, they do however ALWAYS make it into my homemade “instant oatmeal” mix, dried and diced. i should write up that recipe to share soon, especially with fall approaching. i make it by the gallon size jar full, makes things easy for my husbands very early mornings…

    i just remembered, i do use apricot jam as a glaze during the last 15 minutes of roasting a pork loin. i spice it up a little with some cumin, pinch of cheyenne, sea salt, pepper, and garlic, slather it on. really good.

  • Any particularly recommended food hydrator? (I suppose you will say you found one at a thrift shop, eh, Cheryl?!! HEE HEE)….

  • Tammie – I remember your rugelach, I’d love to have the recipe (but I can maybe just get the book out of the library rather than making you type it out). I managed to get these apricots to stay soft, so they should work okay.

    Chelee – I hope you have time for both!

    Dawn – Oh yes, I forgot about your lovely pie, now there’s an idea.
    You should be able to get tons of fruit at this time. Plum lemon butter sounds goooood.

    Shawna – Have you tried posting a “Wanted” ad on Freecycle? There’s always somebody giving away canning jars.

    Bundle-O-Contradictions – Thanks for taking the time to say hi!

    Jennifer – I’m with you on that one!

    Steffi – Next time you’re in Canada I’ll have a jar with your name on it!

    Heather – I would love to have that recipe, what a great idea! My kids are always begging for those instant oatmeal packets but they’re filled with sugar and chemicals.

    Lu – Unfortunately I had to pay full price for that one (smarty pants!). ;D

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