Local Lovelies – Cheese

By now most of us have heard the benefits of buying local – it gives business to small farmers which boosts the local economy; it prevents the needless use of oil required to ship things from halfway around the world that we could have gotten in our own backyard. But sometimes the reasons are purely selfish, if you’re lucky enough to stumble across someone who has the magical ability to turn something as humble as milk into something to die for.
I love the name of this cheese – Island Bries (think “breeze”) made by Little Qualicum Cheeseworks.
Very clever (and very delicious).

…or the Garlic (or any one of the other versions they’ve got). There are many other favorite cheeses that didn’t survive long enough to have their photo taken.This is one of the delightful Saltspring Island Cheeses. I can’t decide if my favorite is the Peppercorn… This marinated feta with garlic, sundried tomato, rosemary and peppercorns is positively scrumptious.

I think the best thing about buying things locally is that they’re unique, something to look forward to when they’re not readily available. It makes you long for the flavours of home when you can’t be there.
What local specialty do you pine for when you’re away from home?

I would love to hear from you!

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