Saltspring Island – Roadside Attractions

I thought I’d post just a few more pictures from our trip, if you can bear it.
One of my favorite things about Salt Spring and the other islands is the abundance of roadside farmstands. There is such a level of trust here that these stands are run on the honour system, with the cashbox and merchandise sitting out in the open with the expectation that people will only take what they pay for.
I aspire to having a cute little farmstand of my own one day.

Most of them sell some combination of eggs, vegetables, and cut flowers.

Many of the picnic tables at the campground are decorated nicely with these gorgeous bouquets.

This is the farm stand at the entrance to Ruckle Park. It had the largest selection of any of the stands we’ve seen…

…with cut flowers and herbs, an array of fruit and vegetables, seeds collected from the farm’s garden, and freshly baked cookies. It sure helps keep the campers happy!

The kids were intrigued with this one so we had to stop and look inside – it held miniature blackberry pies and little knitted “pixie” caps (it made me think of Steph and her wee Pixie).
There are several cute little churches on the island as well.

Hubby’s cousin was married in this one (their family has had a cabin on the island for several generations).

A final parting shot of our seaside holiday of 2006.

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