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My favorite way to spend a lazy Saturday morning (or Sunday morning, for that matter), is puttering around in my kitchen, baking and drinking tea while listening to the Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio. For those who don’t know it, the Vinyl Cafe is a radio program much like those old time variety shows that people used to listen to before television took over. It’s packed with interesting stories and fun music that you rarely hear anywhere else. But the real reason that people tune in every week is to hear the latest antics of Dave and Morley, a fictional couple with a knack for the hilarious. They’re always finding themselves in sticky situations – often situations that most of us can relate to. Coincidentally, this weekend’s episode (which re-airs tomorrow) was recorded live on Saltspring Island (I definitely seem to have a theme running this week).
Wikipedia has this to say about the show:

“While often humorous, the weekly programs are perhaps better described as wistfully nostalgic despite usually taking place in the present day. Through storytelling and music, McLean pays tribute to the “good ole’ bygone days.”

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The stories have been collected in various books and cds, so you can hear them whenever and wherever you like, and they appeal to everybody, young or old.

Despite being a Canadian program, I see that it is broadcast in the US as well. It airs Saturday mornings at 10am on CBC Radio Two, and Sundays at noon on CBC Radio One, and you can listen to the broadcasts on the CBC Radio website in several different time zones. Find their site and broadcast information here.

Why not check it out tomorrow?

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