Where have our farmers gone?

Sharon from over at Casaubon’s Book has written a great article about the importance of farmers and locally produced food. Here’s an excerpt: Wendell Berry points out that what we’ve done to our rural communities over the last 100 years is a form of colonialism. Colonialism, as we all know, is the subjugation of aRead more


My kids adore quail eggs, due in large part to their gorgeous brown speckles and miniature size (they were convinced that they must have chocolate inside the first time they had them). It occurred to me the other day while I was boiling some for breakfast that I might be able to get away withRead more

Homestead Dreams

Getting out of town on our holidays has (as it usually does) reignited our desire to move out of the city. We had only ever planned on staying for 2 years when we came here just before our daughter was born. We’d just finished university, backpacked around Europe for a few months, and decided thatRead more

What a fun-gi!

Does anyone have any idea at all what this might be?! It sprouted up in the garden tonight, and I mean that literally. When I first discovered it, it was about 1/4 of an inch away from the top of the wooden stick, and by the time I came back with the camera, it hadRead more