A Close Call

We feel blessed to live in a place surrounded by wildlife, and usually we’re nothing but casual observers to the daily struggle for survival. When we made the decision to start free ranging our chickens (they were going a little stir crazy spending the long, rainy winter cooped up in their roomy “compound”), we knewRead more

Bear With Me

Yay, I’m finally back online! A couple of days after my last post, the power cord for my laptop died, and it’s taken almost a month to get a replacement. I was able to use my iPod and my son’s computer to update my Facebook page occasionally, but Blogger didn’t agree with my son’s 10 yearRead more

Garden Prep

We spent the weekend getting the garden ready for planting, finishing the fence to keep the deer out, and marking and shoveling the soil into raised beds. The fence, awaiting a gate and a cable along the top. You can see that we finally managed to get the tilling done in spite of all ofRead more

The Bee House Has a New Home

Waking up to a dusting of snow yesterday just about drove me around the bend, but the weather today more than made up for it – I even put my seedlings outside so they could sunbathe for a while this afternoon. We spent most of the day building a new fence around the garden (moreRead more

What We’re Harvesting Right Now

Aside from complaining about four-legged invaders, I haven’t really spoken much about the garden this summer so I thought I’d do a brief update. Our soil is still really awful, so things still aren’t doing as well as I would like.  One of our friends described the soil here as “rock flour”, and that’s exactlyRead more

Deer, oh dear.

One thing I didn’t have to contend with in my city garden was four footed garden pests. As long as the dog didn’t get in and run roughshod over my plants, the only things I really had to worry about were slugs and aphids. Not so here in deer central. We’ve been pretty lucky thatRead more

May Day

I think I’m going to try blogging in the mornings from now on. I have typically written my posts in the evening before going to bed, as that’s when I usually have the most time and energy, but lately I’m too tired to do much of anything in the evenings, let along form a coherentRead more

Local Politics

One of the things we’re enjoying most about living here is the almost daily encounters with local wildlife. One of the most awesome so far happened just a couple of weeks ago. I stepped out onto the deck one morning to see why the ravens were making such a fuss so close to the house.Read more

Things that go “bump” in the night.

Just a quick post today so I don’t fall out of practice. I just had to share a photo of the beetle that my husband found wandering in our crawlspace the other night (I don’t even want to think about how it got in there). He felt something brush his hand and was quite surprisedRead more