What a fun-gi!

Does anyone have any idea at all what this might be?! It sprouted up in the garden tonight, and I mean that literally. When I first discovered it, it was about 1/4 of an inch away from the top of the wooden stick, and by the time I came back with the camera, it had covered the whole thing. You could almost see it growing. I’m assuming it’s some kind of weird fungus that’s thriving because of this heat (don’t get me started on the heat). It’s the brightest French’s Mustard yellow – bizarre. We went out to a local U-pick to get raspberries and blueberries this afternoon. We managed to stick it out in the field for about 20-30 minutes before we all started to get sunstroke and decided that the picked ones were actually a pretty good deal. It’s not an organic grower, but they use Integrated Pest Management, and that’s about as close to organic as we’ve got within a reasonable drive. My own raspberry and blueberry bushes aren’t productive enough yet for us to bypass this little jaunt, and it’s always kind of fun anyway (except for today).
On the way home I began to have a wee bit of a meltdown (it was probably heat stroke now that I think about it). We got stuck in slow traffic for almost a half an hour – twice! It took us almost 2 hours to get home and the drive out there only took us about 30 minutes. If I had gotten out and walked on all fours I would have gotten home faster. I sat there surrounded by SUV’s, fuming about the heat and how it never gets this hot here and no wonder global warming is such a problem when everything is either paved or metal or glass and you can’t go more than 5 miles an hour (using even more gas) and there are no TREES!!! I think I need to get out of the city.
In case I didn’t feel like enough of a whiner, I just remembered that hubby’s cousin in England is cycling for charity over the next few days from England to Poland. They’re riding 1200 miles in 3 1/2 days (yes, that’s three and a half), and the temperatures in Europe are currently in the mid to high 30’s!
I think I’ll shut up now.

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