Poultry in Motion

I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the chicken tractor, which, thanks to a break in the weather, is finally finished. We made it out of scrap wood and cedar trim left over from the house construction, as well as bits of leftover fencing. If you’ve never heard the term “chicken tractor”, it’sRead more

First Asparagus!

While I was out planting sunflowers this afternoon, I stopped to check the recently planted asparagus patch to see if there was anything growing yet, and there was! It’ll be a couple of years before we can start harvesting spears to eat, but asparagus has always been one of my favorite vegetables, and I’m just happyRead more

Kinder Gardens Kick-Off

Today I’ll be starting a series of posts focusing on gardening with children as part of the Kinder Gardens project organized by Kim over at The Inadvertent Farmer. Our kids have always been involved in caring for our various gardens over the years, so of course I thought they’d be as excited as I wasRead more

Potato Patch

The potatoes are in, and the gardening season has officially begun! We finally had enough of a break in the rain that the soil dried out somewhat, allowing me to dig without everything getting caked in mud. I dug two trenches down either side of a four foot bed, allowing for about two feet between the rows.Read more

Garden Prep

We spent the weekend getting the garden ready for planting, finishing the fence to keep the deer out, and marking and shoveling the soil into raised beds. The fence, awaiting a gate and a cable along the top. You can see that we finally managed to get the tilling done in spite of all ofRead more

The Bee House Has a New Home

Waking up to a dusting of snow yesterday just about drove me around the bend, but the weather today more than made up for it – I even put my seedlings outside so they could sunbathe for a while this afternoon. We spent most of the day building a new fence around the garden (moreRead more

Faux Flagstones

It’s a little embarassing to admit that we’ve been living here for almost two years and still have a mostly gravel front yard. We have grass growing over most of the back yard and the septic field, but the front is what suffered the most during constrution, and we’ve never really had a clear idea ofRead more

Spud Order

Maybe it’s the little bit of Irish blood that I’ve got running through my veins, or maybe it’s my tendency toward carbohydrate addiction, but potatoes have always been one of my favorite things to eat.  As far as I’m concerned, they are a food group in and of themselves.  We often make a meal outRead more


I mentioned recently that the weather here has been unseasonably warm (the warmest January on record).  It has been so warm, in fact, that four of my hens decided it was spring and went broody at the end of December, and several others started moulting not long after.  Of course, I responded to my own instinctsRead more

What We’re Harvesting Right Now

Aside from complaining about four-legged invaders, I haven’t really spoken much about the garden this summer so I thought I’d do a brief update. Our soil is still really awful, so things still aren’t doing as well as I would like.  One of our friends described the soil here as “rock flour”, and that’s exactlyRead more