Potato Patch

The potatoes are in, and the gardening season has officially begun! We finally had enough of a break in the rain that the soil dried out somewhat, allowing me to dig without everything getting caked in mud.

I dug two trenches down either side of a four foot bed, allowing for about two feet between the rows.  I then sprinkled a layer of “bunny fertilizer” in the trenches, and dropped the potatoes into place.

I alternated the potatoes by colour, thinking that it would be easier to identify which variety I was digging up if the ones growing right beside them didn’t look exactly the same. To help me better keep track of what was planted where, I also made markers using stones and a UV stable felt pen.

I planted the seed potatoes a few inches down into the trenches, and I will earth the soil up whenever I see a nice green shoot poking out of the soil. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, by mid summer I will have lovely, potato-filled hills in place of the trenches.
If nothing else, a spring garden is filled with promise!

6 thoughts on “Potato Patch”

  • Frugal – Let them get 4-6 inches tall, and then start hilling the soil up. You can continue doing this once a week or so for about the first two months, or until the plants are about a foot tall. Don't cover the growing tip, and try to keep the soil loose to increase your yields. Compost, leaves, and straw can be used as well, just don't let the potatoes peak through, or the sun will turn them green, which is toxic.

    Carla – You should really try growing at least a few. There are few things as satisfying as harvesting and eating your own home grown potatoes!

    Sweet and Savory – Thank you! I like the way the rocks look, and they're definitely more affordable (and durable) than the store-bought variety. : )

  • I can't wait to see how they grow.

    Funny about the poop. Can you believe I happily coax the deer into the yard so they'll poop all over it. Some for the compost, some stays on the ground. I'll regret it if they find a way past my garden's fence.

  • Annie – That's too funny! As much trouble as the deer are sometimes, I'm not above raking the poop around so that it fertilizes the lawn evenly! : )

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