Things to do with Zucchini

Late summer usually means an overabundance of summer squash for gardeners – namely, zucchini. I am no exception, especially when they get to be the size of this beauty. So, what to do with your bounty? I’ve got a few suggestions. The first is to saute it with a little olive oil and garlic andRead more

Garden Pests and Blueberry Pie

Have I mentioned lately how much I’d like to get out of the city? Vancouver is extremely safe as cities go, but as I sit here typing, there is a plain clothes police officer sitting in my tomato patch doing surveillance on (I’m assuming) one of our neighbors. At least they had the decency toRead more

We(s)t Coast?

I’m knackered tonight, so I’ll keep this brief. Garden Miscellany:I spotted this lovely duo of nasturtiums and spiderwort in the garden today and thought the combination was striking. Only in a coastal garden would you find this lurking in the shadows! I use seaweed collected from my inlaws’ beach as mulch, and noticed this guyRead more

The tomatoes are ripening!!

Okay, so it would seem that my whining about having a bumper crop of tomatoes that were never going to ripen was a little premature. We’ve had a few good days of sunshine and things seem to be coming along nicely! The Siletz and Romas are looking good… … and I’m stunned at the sizeRead more

Final Summer Blooms

Things seem to be coming to a close in my beds these days, with many of the flowers looking spent and brown. Here are some that are still looking good. A newly opened yellow rose. A William Shakespeare rose. This one is spectacular in person (it’s an intense purply wine colour and the inside isRead more


Well, you’re looking at it – the very first tomato of the season! (First that is, if you don’t count J’s cherry tomato from last week). But this is the first of the mid-large sized tomatoes. It’s an Ailsa Craig, which is supposed to be an early variety. Considering that it’s the middle of AugustRead more

Garden Party!

There’s a garden party going on over at Today’s Lessons (follow the link to see some great photos of other bloggers’ gardens), and I thought I would take part as well. Here are a few of the latest photos from around the garden: White DahliaCosmosWhite Cosmos and Alyssum Anyone know what this is? It justRead more

Truffles and Beans

I got my first real harvest of the Fortex pole beans that I planted in my Three Sisters plot today. I was shocked by how big they are – some were almost a foot long. We chopped these ones up and threw them in with the spaghettini and pesto that we had for dinner. ConsideringRead more

Bits and Bobs

It’s raining today, and we’re off to visit friends. Here are a few pictures from the garden that I took over the weekend. David Austin rose “Molineaux”. Purple Dahlia.One of the ladybugs emerged from its pupa yesterday! The frog fountain is back in commission.