May Day

I think I’m going to try blogging in the mornings from now on. I have typically written my posts in the evening before going to bed, as that’s when I usually have the most time and energy, but lately I’m too tired to do much of anything in the evenings, let along form a coherent sentence (not that I can be accused of that at the best of times). There’s a nice, quiet stretch in the early mornings between when my husband leaves for work and when the kids get up, so I’m going to take advantage of that and see how it goes.

Spring is in full swing. The trees are leafing out and I haven’t had to turn the heat on in weeks. One of my favorite things about spring here is the return of the hummingbirds. They are so active that they will dive bomb you if they spot you wearing brightly coloured clothing, and are constantly flying in mad, squeaky loop de loops while arguing over who gets to use the feeder.

Resting in a tree near the kitchen (click to enlarge).We’ve been working outside a lot lately, abandoning work on the house for the time being. I just don’t want another growing season to go by without getting at least some landscaping established, and we’ll benefit greatly from whatever the garden can provide this year. The veggie patch has a few more things growing in it now (including small patches of oats, barley and quinoa), and I’ve planted a low maintenance lawn and flower beds over the septic field. We have quite a bit more deer fencing to do before I can start putting in a small orchard, and now there’s also a chicken coop to build as I’ve just ordered 10 day-old chicks which should be arriving in a few weeks.I’m hearing movement upstairs, better go start breakfast!

9 thoughts on “May Day”

  • You’ll love having chickens, maybe you’ve had them before to know that.
    We have four right now which are laying monster eggs.

    Also raising pheasants. They are the cutest little guys, 4 in the last two days and more on the way.

  • It was beautiful out there last week. It is not very green here and is just starting to get nice this weekend. I want to be out working in the yard this weekend when it is nice. When it is cold, I just don’t feel motivated. We have to get our other coop up and running so we can get our next set of chicks. I think I will get them in June this year to give me a little more time and I won’t have to use the heat lamp as long. I am looking forward to getting some gardening done too.

  • Lovely! I look forward to your writings and updates!

    We just added 4 new hens to our current flock of 5–what an interesting experience. And growing season started awhile ago and have been enjoying the growing part–still eating carrots and peppers from last season, and have refrigerated the spinach and berries from this season.

    I will be going back to read some of your older post for inspiration and ideas/sources as we continually work on our home and wish to do so with green and sustainable means and methods.

  • Cheryl..
    Monica here πŸ™‚ (SmallMeadow Farm, Dancing farmer, Not dabbling etc etc)
    I have a question. On october 10, 2006 you talked about doing a pear honey and pumpkin pear. Could you post those recipes? Or if you can’t because of “rules” could you send me an email about them? The pumpkin pear particularly sounds interesting and though I found a number of references to how good it is I never did find one with maple syrup and pumpkin in it like yours. Yummy.
    Monica—alandtc (@)

  • Sounds great! Thought of having some Guinea Fowl, they’re a great little bird to have around.They eat insects, weeds and look after themselves virtually.Great to have in an orchard to clean up as are geese.Have fun!

  • I’m always jealous of people who get hummingbirds in their yard! Florida doesn’t seem to get that many, they just keep on going by us.

  • Janeywan – We're really looking forward to it, and I can't wait until we're getting "monster" eggs too!

    Charlotte – I don't think there's any attracting to be done, they're just here. Even when we're out walking, they're constantly whirring around us.

    Dawn – I hope it's warming up for you guys and that you're getting into the garden!

    Chow and Chatter – Thank you!

    Shawna – It sounds like your garden has been in full swing for a while, I'm envious!

    Monica – Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

    Eag – I thought of getting some geese this year but decided to wait. I'm not sure my neighbors would appreciate me getting guinea fowl, I've heard they're noisy creatures! πŸ˜€

    Misti – They're such neat birds, it's too bad they don't stick around in your area.

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