Urban Wildlife

Today’s installment is the long overdue post about the two as yet unmentioned members of our family – the cats. Baxter (below) is our sweet old boy. We adopted him from the SPCA when he was about 4 (he’s 10 now). There was a kitten there the day we found him, which my daughter wasRead more

Cooper’s Hawk

My daughter took this photo awhile ago of what we think is a Cooper’s Hawk (any birders out there that can confirm this?). It landed in the tree in front of our house while they were out playing one day, and she was quick to grab the camera. We thought we’d post it today becauseRead more

Bits and Bobs

It’s raining today, and we’re off to visit friends. Here are a few pictures from the garden that I took over the weekend. David Austin rose “Molineaux”. Purple Dahlia.One of the ladybugs emerged from its pupa yesterday! The frog fountain is back in commission.

The Birds and the Bees (well, ladybugs actually)…

The resident Juncos are wondering why the heck their fountain isn’t working anymore. While we were away last week, the pump for our frog fountain (sitting on the rock with a bird on his head – you’ll probably have to enlarge the photo) went on the fritz. Looks like we’ll have to fix it rightRead more

Poppy heads and ladybugs.

I finally got around to clearing all of the dead poppies out of my garden today. While I love the way they look bundled together in a vase, I’m wondering if I maybe should have left them where they were. Closer inspection revealed masses of ladybugs in various stages of development all over them. ThereRead more

Home again, home again.

We’re home after a great week of playing on the beach and visiting with friends and family. Just thought I’d post a few photos while I was downloading them. Here’s a parting shot of Vancouver as we left last week. This is a shot from my in-laws’ looking towards a smoky sunset (the smoke isRead more

Bored yet?

I’ve been a bit of a shutter-bug today, but I’ll only bore you with a few more garden shots. Here’s a picture of the biggest bee I’ve ever seen in my life: The picture doesn’t do him justice, but he had to be an inch and 1/2 long. He spent a good 15 minutes lumberingRead more

Hot Dog

How’s this for a pampered pooch? I caught her having a snooze at grandma’s house this afternoon (she was worn out from the heat and a long swim at the beach).The sneaky thing knows she’s not supposed to be laying on the pillows, but who could disturb such a peaceful nap?

Slime Mould

Thanks to Phelan, the mystery of yesterday’s garden discovery has been solved. It’s slime mould, which is now officially one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of. Listen to this: “It has been observed that they can find their way through mazes by spreading out and choosing the shortest path, an interesting example ofRead more

What a fun-gi!

Does anyone have any idea at all what this might be?! It sprouted up in the garden tonight, and I mean that literally. When I first discovered it, it was about 1/4 of an inch away from the top of the wooden stick, and by the time I came back with the camera, it hadRead more