Cooper’s Hawk

My daughter took this photo awhile ago of what we think is a Cooper’s Hawk (any birders out there that can confirm this?). It landed in the tree in front of our house while they were out playing one day, and she was quick to grab the camera. We thought we’d post it today because we saw him scare the daylights out of a Junco this morning while we were working in the yard. The poor little bird flew like a rocket headlong into the Laurel at the back of our garden, and the hawk flew off looking like he could care less.
It’s amazing when we get to see things like this even in the middle of the city!

2 thoughts on “Cooper’s Hawk”

  • Hi Steph,
    Thanks, I was quite impressed with her photography skills, too!
    The hawk was maybe a bit bigger than a crow, but not huge. Are you thinking it’s something other than a Cooper’s Hawk?
    He’s gorgeous, whatever he is.

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