Wild Huckleberry Tarts

Red (highbush) huckleberries grow wild in our area, and we’re lucky to have an abundance of these bushes on our property and in the neighbouring park.

My daughter went for a sleepover at a friend’s house last week, and those crazy girls spent the evening terrorizing the neighbourhood, stripping the shrubs of every last huckleberry like a couple of teenage hooligans.

After a few catastrophic giggling fits that resulted in spilled berries, and some unwelcome sampling by a sneaky dad, the evening’s work resulted in just over a cup of these tiny red jewels.

Like any good sleepover, this one extended well into the next day, when I got a call from the girls saying that they’d walked to town (if you can call our handful of shops a “town”) and bought some tart shells, and could I please come get them so they could do some baking. Kids these days.

We did a quick Google search to look for a suitable recipe, and finally settled on this one. Since they had so few berries, we halved the filling recipe, adding an extra tablespoon or so of sugar as red huckleberries tend to be more tart than the blue, lowbush variety.

The resulting tarts were positively scrumptious, especially topped with a dollop of whipped cream, and were the perfect ending to that evening’s dinner on the beach.

Sometimes I wish summer could go on forever.

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