Scrumptious Sorrel Tart

I made this tart for the first time last month, but it’s actually been two years in the making.

The idea of using something like sorrel in a tart wasn’t even remotely on my radar until I read about it over on Tara’s blog (which is a must-read, if you haven’t already discovered it) almost two full years ago, and her excitement over this recipe was so infectious that I immediately started making plans for a sorrel patch of my own.

Maybe it was my anemic garden soil, but the seeds I sowed last spring didn’t turn into much of anything until this year, so my plans to try making this tart last summer were foiled. I know, I probably could have just gone out and bought some sorrel, but I didn’t, hence the two year wait.

Turns out, my sorrel patch is just the right size to provide exactly the amount of leaves required for one full recipe (thankfully, it regrows quickly, and I was able to make another one a few weeks later). I may have to consider expanding it so I can freeze the filling mixture for winter meals.

The resulting tart was incredible, unlike anything I’d ever tasted before. Sorrel itself tastes a bit like lemony spinach with a hint of rhubarb, but the custard does a good job of mellowing that sharpness. Likewise, the brightness of the greens cuts through the richness of the eggs, cheese, and heavy cream, balancing the flavours brilliantly.

This recipe is worth its weight in gold just for the crust, which was deliciously light and flaky. I followed the recipe to the letter the first time I tried it, but I’ve since made it using a yellow onion (because I didn’t have a red one), and I’ve also substituted half & half for half of the heavy cream (because that’s all I had), and it was still excellent.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can find the recipe here. I certainly hope you’ll get to try it before 2013!

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