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I’ve mentioned previously how much trouble I have finding things I can use on my skin without it turning into an itchy, scaly, reptilian mess – there aren’t many products out there for someone who can’t handle artificial colors, scents, or preservatives (and I like to think I’m low maintenance – pffft!). I used to think my inability to use any kind of moisturizer meant that I was doomed to look like Yoda by the time I was 45, but thankfully I’ve found something that I can use on my skin, and it works so well that I think everybody should have a bottle in their medicine cabinet!

My skin’s best friend.
Safflower oil is said to be as close to our skin’s natural oils as you can get, and the linoleic acid it contains helps lock moisture in the skin. I like to smooth a few drops over my face and neck while my skin is still damp after washing, and the oil soaks right in (my skin is naturally fairly oily, and it doesn’t at all make me look like an oil slick). If you’re a little heavy handed, any excess can just be blotted off. I’ve tried coconut and olive oils this way, but neither disappeared into my skin the way safflower oil does, or left my skin looking as nice.

To soften more than your face, you can add a few drops to your bath water while it’s filling, or apply it over wet skin after stepping out of the shower; it also works wonders on hands that are parched after a day spent digging in the garden.

But wait, it gets even better. The 375 ml bottle in the photo was $9 at our local (overpriced) health food store, and it’s organic to boot. Good luck finding that much of anything for less than $10 at a beauty counter. Not to mention, I’ve had this bottle for about a year and it’s only half empty – a little goes a long way. I do find, however, that it’s easier to handle if you decant the oil into a smaller, more manageable bottle (I only had to knock the large glass bottle over once before coming up with that brilliant idea).

It may not smell delicious, come in a fancy bottle (unless you put it into one, I suppose), or get you a bonus “gift” of product samples you’ll never use, but it’s just the thing to ward off mid-winter chapping (and maybe even a wrinkle or two).


10 thoughts on “Skin Care”

  • I've wanted to buy coconut oil just for that purpose but could never justify the price. I didn't think of other oils. That looks great, thanks for the recommendation.

  • I have used Coconut oil but it does leave my skin a little to oily. So I will be on the hunt for this to try. I just came across your blog while blog hopping and added you to my list of daily reads.

  • I've been using coconut and olive oils on my daughter's skin and hair and they work great for her, but I haven't been as pleased on my own skin. So, I'll try this one! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a great tip. I love things that do double duty. Did you know you can use baking soda as a facial scrub, like micro-derm abrasion? I bet that and then the oil would feel wonderful.. think I'll go do some experimenting right now…

  • I love safflower oil but I have yet to put it on my skin. I'll have to give that a try. I use coconut oil when I need it. I'm going to try go some safflowers this year. Maybe I'll be able get a itty bitty bit of oil from them.

  • ohhh. I love this idea. I have a very natural face-washing regimine i have been using, which includes olive oil. i will have to try sunflower oil. Thanks for the idea.

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  • Thanks for the great comments! I'd love to hear what you think if you've tried it.

    Shawnee – It may have been a typo, but I wanted to make sure it's safflower oil you try, not sunflower oil. 🙂

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