Sittin’ in the Garden Eatin’ Worms

Just when I was finally starting to get my blogging groove back, my darn computer kicked the bucket (and took all of my freshly uploaded photos intended for new posts with it)!
We’re working on getting that info off of the hard drive, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a photo that I took with my cell phone while gardening the other day.

This is Speckle, a sweet little character who has been one of my favorite hens from the very beginning. According to several sources about chicken breeds, the Speckled Sussex isn’t supposed to be much of a forager, but this girl has proven to be the best one in our flock. As soon as she hears a shovel, hoe, or rake hit the soil, she comes running from wherever she happens to be, ready to snap up anything fat and wriggly that might be turned up. Our neighbors are highly amused by her antics, cringing as she darts under the blade of whatever garden tool we happen to be wielding. She has such a complete disregard for personal safety, that if she makes it through the planting season with all of her appendages intact, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle!

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