Signs of Spring

It’s really hard to have the February blahs when the sun is shining. It’s even more difficult when you step outside and notice that there are flowers blooming!

The crocuses are poking their heads out of the soil…

…and the apricot tree is starting to bloom! There are clumps of nodding snow drops everywhere…

…the heather looks cheery…

…and the Sweet Box smells incredible. Are there any signs of spring in your part of the world?

12 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  • No spring here.

    You can feel how warm Sun is, but Air is still so bitter cold. It hasn’t gotten over freezing in a couple weeks.

    Oh what I would do to see some flowers blooming in my yard!

  • Whaaaaaa???? All that up and over there already!? Here in the US Midwest, we’re talking hovering around zero degrees F. How nice that you are seeing signs of life in your garden, Cheryl.

  • Man, I’d love to see the sun this time of the year, and the ground without the frozen white stuff on it.

    Springtime comes when the first calf is born in March…

  • such sweetness…i never knew your climate was so mild until i discovered your blog. i’m amazed at the amount of gardening you can accomplish, especially on a small urban lot. we have a similar sized lot, however we have a lot of shade provided by incredibly old and large oak, maple and magnolia trees. i enjoy seeing the potential of urban gardening through your blog. thanks.

  • Thanks for your comments everyone. I’m sorry to hear that most of you are experiencing such cold temperatures.

    Lu – We always have an early spring compared to the rest of Canada. I can’t wait to get digging!

    Kris – A new calf is a wonderful way to mark the beginning of spring!

    Katie – I’d swap with you for a little while if I could. Montana in the winter sounds like heaven.

    Heather – Our weather is very mild here – never too cold, never too hot. Our proximity to the warm Pacific and its cooling summer breezes is what does it.
    As for the garden, it’s amazing how much you can grow in a small amount of space. If you haven’t already, you should check out the folks at Path To Freedom (you can find them in my blog list). They’re my heroes!

  • Greetings from a little south of Seattle! I’m working on my seed order and came across yours (& cute furry helper). I was checking out West Coast Seed today, but see they don’t ship to the US. I do order from Territorial. Had a nice visit to your blog & look forward to returning.

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