Day Trip

Monday saw us making an unexpected day trip to Bowen Island, a lovely little piece of rock tucked in the waters of Howe Sound just off the coast of West Vancouver. A scenic 20 minute ferry ride brings you to Snug Cove, the island’s quaint waterfront town center.

It poured with rain most of the time we were there, but just before we left, the fog started to lift and the sun came out. This was the view looking up Howe Sound from a viewpoint just above the harbor. It was bright, but the mountains were still shrouded in low cloud cover.After a nice restorative mug of hot chocolate, it was time to head home. This is a shot of part of the marina as the ferry pulled away (I love the little red houseboat in the background).

7 thoughts on “Day Trip

  1. Seems that we plan a holiday to your ‘neck of the woods’. It is just wonderful, Cheryl. As Burdock Boy said, “lovely spot”….

  2. Burdockboy – We seriously considered a houseboat for a while too. They’re quite inexpensive to buy, the only problem is, the moorage fees around here are through the roof.

    Lu – It is a lovely spot, especially if you love the rain (which we actually do!).

    KCM – Thanks!

    Carla – It’s not that far (hint, hint).

    Chelee – It’s nice to have such a beautiful place so close to the city.

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