The last one…

I shared the first one with you, so I thought I’d share the last one with you, too. I picked this tomato several weeks ago when it was still green, and it’s finally ready to eat. It will probably go into a sandwich for my husband’s lunch, and then there will be no more.

I would have had dozens of cherry tomatoes left too, but our freak cold snap a couple of weeks ago did them in. I’m still pretty happy to have home grown tomatoes in mid-November!

5 thoughts on “The last one…”

  • Reminds me of a song, imagine singing to the tomato, “Hey there, lonely girl” Ha. Well, she’s a beaut! I really dislike the end of fresh produce from the yard and from the farmers’ markets. Color me blue.

  • Phelan – Rotten luck, I hope you didn’t lose too many.

    Lu – Dang it, I’ve had that song in my head ever since I read your message this afternoon!!

  • I just noticed the other day that my Dad still has a handful of tomatoes. They’ll soon be gone and then I’ll have to wait until next summer. I don’t usually buy them fresh anymore in the winter. They travel too far and don’t actually taste anything like their summer counterparts.

  • Carla – Your dad and his amazing tomatoes…
    I totally agree about not buying them in the winter, I think it makes them that much more precious when they’re in season.

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