Happy Birthday “P” Pup!!

Our darling Princess is turning 2 today. We don’t actually know her exact date of birth, but she was about 9 weeks old when we adopted her, and this date is exactly 9 weeks before the day she came to live with us. Works for me!

This is a photo of her with her “litter”. My mom bought these “Fur Real” puppies for the kids about 2 years ago in an attempt to stem their desire for a real dog, but you can see how that turned out. Princess has an incredibly strong maternal instinct, so when she heard these puppies whimpering (they make noises when you pet them) when the kids were playing with them recently, she happily took them into her care and watches over them tirelessly. I almost feel bad for not letting her have an actual litter before getting her fixed (okay, not really)! As a birthday treat, we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, which she loves. Whenever she’s allowed to have one, she promptly takes it and “buries” it in her bed, digging a nice hole and nosing imaginary dirt over it. It always cracks me up to see such a domesticated dog exhibiting wolfish behaviours. To see some more cute puppy pics, check out Sweetnicks’ Weekend Dog Blogging on Sunday nights for a roundup of other bloggers’ canine companions.

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