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I have a confession to make – I do my weekly grocery shopping at 11:00 in the evening, and I do it while wearing my pajamas.
Don’t worry, I’m not the eccentric woman that haunts your local store in her bathrobe and curlers, I do my grocery shopping online (probably 80% of it), and have it delivered to my door.

As someone who can’t stand shopping (the farmer’s market doesn’t count!), I find this to be necessary to maintaining my mental health. I started having organic vegetables delivered out of convenience when the kids were small and didn’t like sitting through our regular shopping trips, but now the company has grown to such an extent that a person could live off of what they supply alone, making trips to an actual store almost unnecessary.

The best part is, they deliver my favorite goodies from the best local organic bakeries and grocers, saving me from having to run all over the city to buy them seperately. Not only does this save me a lot of time and gas money (as well as preventing impulse buys), it’s also much better for the city’s air quality. One truck making a trip around the city delivering groceries uses a lot less gas than the hundreds of customers they deliver to each day making individual trips to the various stores. They also focus heavily on supporting local farmers and suppliers, and even provide info on how far the various products travelled to get to you, making it easier to buy local.

As you can see by the contents of this week’s box, I’m already having to buy squash, herbs, and fruit even though I grew most of these things in my garden this year. One day I hope to have the space to grow enough to see us through winter. In the meantime I’ll stick with my delivery service.

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