A Good Egg

Here it is, the thing I have dreamed of for so many years – a fresh, homegrown egg from my own hens!! The layer of this beauty remains a mystery, but I have my suspicions.  It was just laying there in the middle of the coop floor when I went in to clean their watererRead more

Unusual Market Finds

A farmer’s market is a great place to find unusual varieties of things that you’d never find in a typical grocery store, and this week I must have been in an adventurous mood, because I came home with several things that I’d never bought before. This Rock Melon (back) caught my eye because it wasRead more

One Local Summer Week #4 – Mini Portobello Burgers

This week’s local meal was a fun one. I saw a recipe for Mini Portobello Burgers in the current issue of Country Living magazine, and while I was at the farmer’s market on Saturday I just happened to spy a box of baby portobello mushrooms and knew I had to give them a try.When IRead more

One Local Summer Week #2 – Potato Onion Frittata

So far, my local meals seem to be comprised of left-overs thrown together for a last minute supper.This week I used a couple of BC grown baked potatoes that I had sitting in the fridge (the kids and I often have them for a quick and easy lunch). I sauteed one of last year’s onionsRead more

Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are deliciously sweet and are thought to be a cross between a regular lemon and a sweet orange (possibly Mandarin). They come from China and grow on gorgeous evergreen trees that are incredibly fragrant when in bloom. An unripe lemon.They make a lovely house plant in their own right, but the fact thatRead more

When is local not local?

I haven’t bought tomatoes during the winter months for awhile now – they don’t really fit with the goal of local, seasonal eating, and they tend not to taste as good as the ones you get in the summer. But I have to admit that I’ve been tempted on occasion to buy a package ofRead more

Local Lovelies – The Naam

I’m a real creature of habit. Once I find something that I like, it takes a lot to get me to try something new (why risk being disappointed?). My absolute favorite local vegetarian restaurant (perhaps even my favorite Vancouver restaurant, period) is the Naam. It’s furnished with well worn, mismatched furniture, there’s a wood stoveRead more

Where have our farmers gone?

Sharon from over at Casaubon’s Book has written a great article about the importance of farmers and locally produced food. Here’s an excerpt: Wendell Berry points out that what we’ve done to our rural communities over the last 100 years is a form of colonialism. Colonialism, as we all know, is the subjugation of aRead more

Holiday Cheer

Buying fancy drinks to accompany holiday festivities can put a real dent in your wallet, but there are many that you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost, and they make wonderful gifts as well!The added bonus to making your own liqueurs is that they can be made with local and organic ingredients.Read more

Local Lovelies – Pottery

Food isn’t the only thing that I like to buy local. There’s a great potter’s club at one of our city’s community centers, and every 6 months they hold a sale where the members sell their gorgeous creations for very reasonable prices. Yesterday was the day of their annual Christmas sale. It’s always a bitRead more