In Search of Simple

Simple living, homesteading, farm life.

First off, if you’re coming here from the “Things We Love” section of Harrowsmith’s spring issue, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I have been a huge fan of their magazine, books, and TV show since I was a teen, so it was an unbelievable honour to be featured; I’mRead more

The Good Life

I stumbled across this delightful BBC show from the 1970’s on Netflix last fall, and thought some of you might also enjoy it. The Good Life (also called Good Neighbours) follows the trials and tribulations of a couple who decide to turn their suburban London lot into a self-sufficient farmstead. The characters are charming, andRead more

Getting My Goat

I’m in need of some good, solid advice, and am hoping my goat-keeping friends out there might be able to help. I’ve been pining for goats for years, and the urge is starting to overwhelm me. I would be happy enough just to have them as pets (in lieu of the second dog and/or catRead more

Are We All Just Desperate Housewives?

I read a very interesting article over at Howling Hill this morning, and had to share it with you here.  Accurate, or insulting?  I’d love to hear what you think! The Femivore’s Dilemma

Chicken Run Around

One of our (my) main reasons for leaving the city was that local bylaws didn’t allow us to have a flock of backyard chickens (of course, less than a year after we moved, they changed the rules).Once we got our occupancy permit for the new house and were able to negotiate a regular, non-construction mortgageRead more

Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated…

I thought that, on the off chance anyone’s even bothering to check in here anymore, I’d better get with it and post some kind of update so you don’t all think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth! The big news is, we’re officially living here!! We moved in on Canada Day (July 1,Read more


After being listed for just less than a week, and having had one Open House last Saturday afternoon, our house is officially sold! We started accepting offers yesterday afternoon, and by 7:30 last night, we’d gotten an offer for just slightly over our asking price, with no subjects. You can’t ask for much more thanRead more

Here it is!

We made our way to the property today for a meeting with the septic engineer, and it turns out we’re not going to get away with installing a basic septic (we have to have a more advanced waste treatment system put in). It wasn’t a huge surprise, but we were hoping to catch a breakRead more

House Prices, a Yummy Meal, and Green Building

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here today. Unfortunately we spent most of it inside the house in a state of mad panic, trying to clean up our construction mess before the bank’s property assessment guy came buy to have a look around and figure out what our house is worth. We’re starting to worryRead more

Some News

I’ve been keeping a secret for the past month or so, but now I think it might actually be safe to talk about it (I’m a little superstititous). It looks like we’re finally on our way to having the homestead of our dreams, as we’ve just had an offer accepted on our very own lovelyRead more