After being listed for just less than a week, and having had one Open House last Saturday afternoon, our house is officially sold! We started accepting offers yesterday afternoon, and by 7:30 last night, we’d gotten an offer for just slightly over our asking price, with no subjects. You can’t ask for much more than that!

The best part is, the person who’s buying it is planning to put in a basement like we’d always talked about (increasing the house’s 770 square feet to a whopping 1540!), and is going to do to the kitchen what we had been planning to do. Happily, it seems that our fears about the house getting knocked down were completely unfounded!
Luckily, the buyers had no problem with us taking the wood stove with us when we go – we weren’t too keen to part with our lovely Jotul!

I’m still pinching myself and can hardly believe that we are actually moving to the rural property we’ve always dreamed of. My friend Holly is partly to thank for getting us there. I’d seen our lot online many times but was completely unimpressed with it, and would never have made the trip to view it in person, but while I was at her house one afternoon a few months ago, she showed me a new listing for the cutest little bungalow that was for sale in the area we’d always dreamed of. When we went to look at the house, it ended up not being exactly what we were looking for, but the realtor also took us to see a few pieces of raw land, and when I finally saw our property in person, I knew even while looking at it through the trees from the road that this was where we would end up. There have been several hurdles and close calls over the past couple of months (competing offers swooping in, fears about not getting enough for our house, etc), but it always felt like it was meant to happen, even when it didn’t look like it was going to. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some sleep to catch up on!

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