Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated…

I thought that, on the off chance anyone’s even bothering to check in here anymore, I’d better get with it and post some kind of update so you don’t all think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth!

The big news is, we’re officially living here!! We moved in on Canada Day (July 1, for you non-Canucks), and I think that’s as good an anniversary as one could ask for. We arrived to one functioning toilet and drywall, and not much else. We spent the first day or so setting up beds and trying to get a sink plumbed, but I still ended up washing dishes in a washtub outside for at least the first week (but like my mom said, I wanted a homestead, so I should have to live like a true homesteader for at least a little while!). Now we’ve got kitchen and bathroom sinks, a bathtub, a dishwasher (hallelujah!), and most of our kitchen cabinets installed (complete with lovely plywood countertops). The main rooms have their outlets and light fixtures wired and turned on, but we’re still using flashlights in a few rooms (our bathroom and bedroom) at night, because the rooms haven’t been painted yet and it’s much easier to paint when there’s nothing on the walls!

Our well water is as hard as (rusty) nails, and while we were hoping it would clear up with use (which it has – it’s gone from brick red to slightly greenish), it seems that we’re definitely going to need a softener or something (still waiting to get the results of the water test). Our brand new toilet seems to have a permanent rust ring, and my hair is like straw from bathing in it. The good news is, my newly vegetarian children should have no problem keeping their iron levels up!

For now my days are filled with wiring outlets, painting, building kitchen cabinets, playing baseball with the kids, and unpacking. Our plywood floors take the pressure off as far as cleaning is concerned, and we can’t use the washing machine until the water is resolved (although we all look good in orange), so I don’t have to worry about household chores too much yet.

The garden is doing okay, but I don’t think the soil’s as great as it could be (that will be next year’s project). We’ve had broccoli and a few strawberries, and I’ve noticed a few little tomatoes out there, but we had such a cold spring that the heat loving plants are a bit stunted.

All in all, things are going very well. I have yet to find my camera charger, so I don’t have anything visual for you. We’re still on dial-up for the time being anyway (I don’t mind roughing it, but come on…), so it’s probably best if I don’t try uploading a bunch of photos. ;D

What’s everyone else up to this summer?

15 thoughts on “Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated…”

  • You’ve been busy! A dishwasher…oh how I dream of that…I AM the dishwasher around here πŸ™‚ So glad you’re loving your new place!

  • Well, I just stopped by yesterday to see what was up. Glad you are in. That reminds me of when my parents built their house on the farm. We did dishes in a basin for a couple weeks. We had a 5 gallon pail to use for the first 48 hours. We moved in on November 11, another day to remember as well as my mom’s birthday which was forgotten until well into the evening with the excitement of the move. I was 11 and my youngest sister was 6 months. There were 5 of us. To get to the water in the basement we had to take a ladder and get it from the corner where the hose came up. Yep, I can relate to your living conditions. The stories your kids will have to tell. Awesome way to live, I say. Congratulations on your new home. May you have many years of pleasure and family times in your home.

  • Well done – you must be so excited to have moved in. I am living in a trailer and just starting to build so we have a ways to go yet, it’s always encouraging to hear and see others stories.

  • I can hardly wait to see the photos. It sounds almost like camping although I imagine a bit more comfortable as you actually have real beds. Hope those water issues are resolved soon.

  • I actually HAVE been checking! I’m glad you posted. I was just thinking about you because I pulled out my Blue Ribbon Preserves cookbook, which I bought because you mentioned it last summer.

    Hope the water situation improves, but you sound so happy!

    Bonne Chance!


  • Hello Cheryl,

    A lurking fan here who has been checking regularly in case Feedblitz was on the blink :o) Very much looking forward to some visuals and seeing how you get your garden going, as well as the home education side of things! We have also moved onto a piece of land two weeks ago, with the same 10 mile long “Honey Do” list – but LOVING it.

    Congrats on the move and eagerly awaiting updates as your spare ;o) time allows.

    Kia Ora,
    Marjon in NZ

  • You might hop over to Kentucky Hollers she had to fight with her well water too but I dont remember exactly how but its worth a shot..There is a link to her site off of mine.

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