Long time no see!

I don’t know if there’s anyone coming around here after I’ve taken such a long and unexpected hiatus, but if you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by! No, I haven’t been busy working on our house, things are only just getting underway now. As I was saying to someone earlier today, the construction industry inRead more

Second Hand News

My hubby and I made a trip to Value Village today to try and find a cheap crockpot. We read somewhere recently that simmering old hardware in one of these for several hours will remove the layers of paint that have accumulated on them over the years (we’ve started working on our doors). Of course,Read more

The Low Impact Period

I’ve talked here quite a bit about the things we’ve done as a family to reduce our impact on the environment, but one thing that I haven’t touched on yet is the one thing I’ve been doing the longest, and the one thing that I think is as important for frugal reasons as environmental ones.Read more

Habitat ReStore

When building a home on a budget and trying to reuse and recycle as many materials as possible, your friendly neighborhood Habitat ReStore definitely makes things a whole lot easier. Habitat for Humanity is a charity that builds homes for families who can’t afford to get into the real-estate market on their own. Good qualityRead more


Before I start my usual ramblings, I’d like to say thank you for all of the nice comments you guys left on my last post. I loved hearing about each of you, and am surprised by the similarities we all share, whether you live halfway around the world or within my own city. The internetRead more

We’re Out!

We’ve finally finished our move, and have almost settled in at my mother’s place (which is where we’ll be staying while our house is being built). It was kind of sad to leave our little house (it was just under 800 square feet at the best of times, though it seemed much smaller in theRead more

Spring Garden

I love spring! Everything is so green, and the air smells incredible. Here’s what’s going on around the garden. The lilacs are largely responsible for the sweet smelling air. This one sits at the edge of the veggie garden, and there’s a white one in the front. There’s a thick carpet of sweet woodruff coveringRead more

Things I Love – Freecycle

I know, I know – I may have mentioned how much I love Freecycle a time or two since starting this blog, but I’ve never actually dedicated an entire post to it. Just in case there are some of you out there who haven’t yet taken part in your local chapter of this wonderful onlineRead more

The House

After much deliberation, we have finally picked out house plans! The one that we chose is a Ross Chapin design called the Morgan Hill, and it is exactly what we were looking for as far as a modest, efficient layout, and it is a design that will work perfectly on the building site. The houseRead more

Seeds and House Plans

There was enough of a break in activity over the weekend that I finally managed to plant some tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and cabbage. It’s a little later than I would like, but according to the planting chart that I have from West Coast Seeds, I’m pretty close to being on schedule. You may be askingRead more