A Slow News Day

Things are still cruising along at a pretty slow pace around here, but I just had to share my big splurge!

I’m not a woman with the stereotypical shoe fetish – I’m pretty monogamous when it comes to footwear. I have one favorite pair of boots which were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law when my son was born (how’s that for a baby gift?!), and I’ve worn them probably 300 days a year for the past 9 years since then. They fit me like dream, and I have never felt the need to replace them (despite their very shabby appearance), until recently. The wintery weather that we’ve had this year has clearly demonstrated that I’ve worn the soles so flat that I’d get better traction by strapping toboggans to my feet than I would wearing my beloved Blunnies.

I thought about having them resoled instead of replacing them, but the leather is badly worn on the toes, and Princess had used them as a chew toy when she was a puppy, so they’re looking a little worse for wear. These babies are not cheap though – nearly $200. When you work it out, that’s really only about $20 a year, but it’s a big chunk to shell out all at once, so I was preparing myself to slip and slide through another couple of years on these ones. On a whim I checked Craigslist, and would you believe it, there was a woman selling a lightly used pair in just my size for a fraction of the price!Now I’ve got myself some shiny new boots, and the best part is, I’m able to maintain my dignity while walking in the snow. I’ll definitely revisit my old pair now and then. After all, I raised my babies wearing those shoes. Since I’m sharing things that make me happy, I have to post a couple of videos for an artist that I’m addicted to at the moment. You might recognize Feist from her recent iPod commercial. She’s a Canadian musician who’s been around for a while, but I’ve only just started listening to her stuff on a regular basis. I absolutely love her music, as well as the fact that she’s not above looking silly in her videos:

Click here to see more of her on Youtube.

9 thoughts on “A Slow News Day”

  • Cheryl, the boots look great. My daughter might like these for her daily dog walks. Do they keep your feet nice and cozy? Or are they not really cold-weather boots? Thanks!


  • Lu – They aren’t insulated, but they’re made of heavy duty leather, and are roomy enough that you can wear a thick pair of wool socks with them to keep your feet warm. I’ve worn them through many winters and have never had noticeably cold feet (but I wear woolies from September until June).

  • Those are nice boots. I need something like that to go with jeans. I have clogs but they result in wet feet when the snow is deeper then a centimetre. The videos were fun to watch. What genre of music would she be classified under?

  • Dawn – Blundstones are the perfect boots to wear with jeans!
    I think Feist would be classified under Alternative Rock/Pop.

    Steffi – They are fun, aren’t they?

    Carla – I couldn’t figure that out either, but I won’t complain.

  • Are these the women’s or men’s? They look pretty roomy, but you know how sometimes they cut the women’s narrow (hate that.) I suppose the thing to do would be to try to find a local source and try them on.

    I love the first video!

  • Linda – I think these are the women’s, but maybe they’re all the same, I can’t remember. They’re very roomy anyway, which is why I wear them (I’ve got really wide feet). I hope that helps!

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