Long time no see!

I don’t know if there’s anyone coming around here after I’ve taken such a long and unexpected hiatus, but if you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by! No, I haven’t been busy working on our house, things are only just getting underway now. As I was saying to someone earlier today, the construction industry in BC is going crazy these days, in part due to our booming economy, and partly due to the pending 2010 Olympic games. We ended up having to wait until December for the contractor who will be assembling our house to finally fit us in (about two months later than projected), and all we’ve been able to do is smile and not rock the boat, even though we’re chomping at the bit (there’s not another contractor to be had, anywhere)!
Anyway, I think the ongoing stress threw me into a bit of a funk and I seem to have lost all interest in blogging. I’ve been wondering whether or not to keep it up at all, even though I still have lots to talk about. I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying the extra free time in the evenings, but I’ve been missing my blogging friends and desperately need to do some catching up – I hope you’re all doing well.
Here are a few photos (taken with my new camera!) from Monday’s trip to our property:
Snowy mountains as seen from another house that our contractor is working on (isn’t that a killer view?!). This is the view down the trail that runs past our property. We seem to get a lot more snow here than we ever do in the city (it was warm and rainy in Vancouver on the day this was taken). We’re excited about the prospect of having four distinct seasons!

Here’s my grandfather inspecting our foundation forms. He worked as an engineer for the Canadian military and has built structures of all kinds in places from the Arctic circle to the Middle East, so he’s proving to be a valuable resource throughout this process.

Electricity is getting hooked up on Friday, concrete will be poured on Monday, and then the walls should start going up. We might actually have an outer shell within a month or so (but I’m not holding my breath)… ;D

14 thoughts on “Long time no see!”

  • I read your blog in November and made the graham crackers. They were delicious and very crispy.
    I just happened to run across it again today and it is so nice to find someone else that is building out in nature. Today they are drilling the well on our land. Which is fantastic because we are living in our camper while we build and now we won’t have to haul water every few days! Next we work on the septic system then start the house and in about 3 months I hope we get electricity. The electric company has to get clearance from 8 land owners to get electric back to us. But they will benefit also and have electric on their land which will increase the value. No one is living on those lots and have not since the lots were created 30 years ago. We are way back in the hollers of Virginia.
    Now I need to keep track of your homestead/building experience to keep me inspired. Thanks!

  • nice to see you! gosh, it’s that beautiful AND the economy is booming? i’m in the wrong place… you’re grandfather looks adorable overseeing the job, what a wonderful resource. best of luck in months ahead, think of it this way… you’ll at least get your garden in when the spring rolls around. hope to see you around here!
    be well

  • Wow, how exciting to finally get started. I have come by a couple times, just to check. I have you on RSS, so you popped up today. I hope you stick with blogging, I so love houses being built for people and I live vicariously through them. I’m especially interested in yours with the recycled items. We will be out in your area at the end of April for our son’s sailing trip. I will wave.

  • Yay! your back. I just assumed too that the house building has taken over any extra time.
    It’s nice to see some pictures showing progress. Please keep ’em coming as you go along. It is great joy to watch your dream being accomplished since i have been reading your blog for over a year now. From talk to finish- So excited for you!

  • Welcome back! I did keep checking!

    You should keep blogging for us, lol. I am so interested in the process of building your house as DH and I would like to do that one day.

    We want to live vicariously through you!

  • Nice to see you back! I really missed reading your blog, but it looks like you’ve had a lot to do ;).

    You have an incredible view! Before you know it, all of the aggravation of trying to get your house built will be done, and you an your family will be comfy cozy looking out at that magnificent lake, and it will all be worth it ;).

    I hope you’ll be able to write periodical updates on your house progress :).

  • Wow! I love your new header. That picture is fabulous! Sorry to hear that things are so slow in construction these days. I hear it’s like that everywhere in the province right now.

  • I think I live in the wrong place LOL I so wish I could get my husband to move to BC!

    Beautiful pictures!

    And I do hope you keep blogging when the urge strikes πŸ™‚

  • I’m glad to see you back. I love reading about your recipes (pear ginger jam!) and the adventures with your house. I live next door, in Alberta. Look forward to hearing more from you!

  • Thanks for the nice comments and encouraging words, you guys.

    Granny Lala – I’m glad you enjoyed the graham crackers. It sounds like you’ve got an exciting adventure ahead of you!

    Heather – I hope you’re right about the garden! My husband is sure that we’ll be too busy with other stuff, but I’m determined to get one in this year!

    Dawn – Is your son going on an extended sailing trip? How exciting for him. Yes, do wave!

    Christy – I’ll do my best!

    Tammie – Thank you, I feel fortunate to have found an online community of like-minded friends!

    Midlife Traveller – I’m excited to follow along with your progress too!

    Chelee – Thank you! I’ve missed connecting with all of you too.

    Wendy – You’re right, soon enough this will all be a “happy” memory. πŸ˜›
    Unfortunately, that lovely ocean view is not from our property, but rather the site of another job our contractor is working on (we don’t have that kind of money!!). I’m thinking I need to get to know that family, though!

    Steffi – Happy New Year to you, too!

    Carla – Thanks!
    Yes, I guess that’s just the way things are here right now.

    Shawna – It is definitely a great place to live (nudge, nudge)!

    Danielle – Hee, hee! I imagine the shorter growing season would be a bit of a trade off!

    Becky – Hey neighbor! I’m glad you enjoyed the jam!

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