Spring Garden

I love spring! Everything is so green, and the air smells incredible. Here’s what’s going on around the garden.

The lilacs are largely responsible for the sweet smelling air. This one sits at the edge of the veggie garden, and there’s a white one in the front.
There’s a thick carpet of sweet woodruff covering the ground beside the garage.
I don’t remember what kind of tulips these are, but they’re gorgeous.

The fruit trees are very productive this year.

The peach tree is covered with these adorable little fuzzy fruits.

Our apricot tree suffered a huge loss last year – we staked it up straight because our neighbor was worried about it leaning over the fence into his yard, and 80% of the tree died – but the remaining two branches are happily cranking out baby apricots.

The fig tree has four tiny figs on it!!!

And the Gala apple tree is absolutely covered in blooms.
A week ago, I would have been weeping over my lovely fruits, but I met the woman who bought our house last weekend, and she (yippee!) has no interest in most of the fruit trees. We’re still working out the details, but it’s looking like I’ll get to take most of them with me!

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